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Time for a very overdue update.

Posted on Sat 27 March 2010 at 09:59

Well its been literally months since my last blog entry. I just seem to have gotten out of the habit.

I think that i have not been writing blog enteries so often because canadian  life has become normal and not much is new and exciting anymore. But that is good because it means that we are very settled here and feel part of the fabric so to speak.

Anyway time for an update.

This wnter we are just leaving has been nowhere near as severe as the first two we experienced. I am glad this wasn't my first canadian winter or it might have lulled me into a false sense of security.

There is just me and shane at home now. Luke our youngest son spent most of last year back home with us, living cheap and saving up to spend some time in Mexico. So since the 5 Jan he has been in Puerto Vallata and intends to stay there for quite some time. He will be returning to Canada for a couple of months in the summer and working full time to earn some cash and then is going to return to Mexico for maybe a year or more. He can't stay too long as we only have PR and he needs to make sure that he doesn't lose his residency here. So at some stage he will get Canadain citizenship and then he can come and go as he pleases.

James our older son seems to be reasonably settled in Toronto now. He lost his job last summer and it took him a couple of months to find a new one,which was very unsettling for him. But he is now working for a swedish publishing company and they have much better employee rights practices than his old north american company. He has been at the new job for about 6 months now and has already had a promotion, so its all going well.

We are planning a trip up to see both the boys when Luke comes home in June. We have stuff to take up there for him so we are driving. We have done it before and it really is a very long way. But w are looking forward to seeing them both and us all being together as a family for the first time in a year.

Down on the farm things are ticking along. The winter is a time where most of the animals are confind to barracks. The goats and llamas just will not go out in snow anyway. The horses are fine with it though and spend a lot of nights out with their winter blankets on and then come in when its stormy.

I had a very sick llama at the begining of February. She had a large dose of worms and was loosing condition and was becoming anaemic too. She even had an irregular heartbeat which worried the vet. Now this its my particularly wild llama but in her weekened state the female vet and myself were able to restrain her enough to give her 5 shots and have a thermometer shoved up her bottom!

I thought it would make her much more difficult to hanlde but actually because she had to have some ongoing treatment I have had to handle her more and she has become much beter. It used to take two of us to get her into a headcollar, but now I can catch her up and put it on all by myself. So I am very pleased with how she is improving. She seems to be all better now which is a relief and I can now administer worming paste for them so we should not have a repeat of this overload of parasites again.

Things were not so good for our dog though. I have mentioned in my blog before about Chinooks seizures. Well they got more and more progressive and he would go into clusters of fits that he couldn't properly come out of for 24 hours or more sometimes, and we would have to dose him up with vallium on top of his seizure meds to try and break the cycle. Well it got more and more frequesnt and intense so a few weeks ago we had him put to sleeep. It was really awful. He has been here on the farm with us almost from when we moved in and so has been a huge part of our candian adventure and now he is gone and the house is way too quiet.

He was so good with all the other animals and loved any babies, be it orphan kittens or a poorly turkey chick and would lick them and snuggle them to make them feel secure. He was a natural mum.

We are not rushing into another dog yet. If the right one turns up we might be tempted, but we are not actively looking for now. 

Shane is busy making a small poly tunnel to try and grow some veggies this year. He has an outside garden plot too. I think by the end of last summer I managed to make the goats paddock escape proof. They got out so many times last year that Shan'e garden didn't stand a chance, they decimated it. Hopefully that wont happen this year. We had no escaping in the fall so I am sure that they are contained at last........At least I hope.....

Here is a pic I took in January. Its hard to believe. We have had more snow since then, but we are almost back to green again.


Well thats my catch up. I must try and keep this up more regularly. Even if no one else reads it, I enjoy looking back and reminding myself, how much my life has cahnged over the last almost three years of being in Canada. How the time flies.


Great Catch Up

Posted on Sun 28 March 2010 at 09:23 by Dave+Jules
Hello Penny, good to see you have come through the winter and tamed the wild llama.

Sorry to hear about Chinook and keep us posted on Shane's poly tunnel approach. I am planting spring onions, peas tomatoes and peppers this year.

Untitled Comment

Posted on Sun 28 March 2010 at 11:53 by
A lovely update, so glad you are still enjoying your lives. I was sorry to read about your dog.


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