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Visiting Heron

Posted on Fri 21 August 2009 at 01:56

The last two days we have had a heron on our property.

Yesterday he was out at the front and today round the back by the garage.

He seems to be feeding on grasshoppers in the long grass.

He wasn't at all afraid and I got really close.

Meanwhile Jemima and the ducklings seem to be getting on really well. She is taking them on little excursions round the back of the house to the lawn for a few minutes then they are all bustled back to their nest.

Hurricane Bill is forecast for Sunday night and as yet we don't know how significant it will be for us here in Moncton. I would love to leave the ducks at the front of the house where Jemima has a good routine going and is doing a really good job, but if the storm is going to be severe I would like to get her and the babies into the barn. The trouble is if we do that they will have to stay enclosed until the ducklings are a bit bigger as the chickens may well gang up on any stray duckling and it wouldn't last long. So we will keep watching the weather chanel and make up our minds tomorrow what to do.

The weather continues to be uncomfortably humid and saps me of all energy. I havn't even ridden for a couple of weeks. All I do is feed and water the horses and soak them in fly reppellent. A task which they are very unapreciative of, but does help a little with the huge number of mosquitoes that we have this year.

So we will see what the storm brings, hopefully iwill clear the air and bring some more comfortable westher in its wake.




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Posted on Mon 24 August 2009 at 12:22 by Anonymous

Moncton Zoo

Posted on Thu 27 August 2009 at 11:19 by Dave+Jules
Sounds like you have a new branch of the zoo going on at your house Penny!

Hurricane Bill turned out to be slightly damp will (I missed off the 'y' on purpose)

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