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Posted on Tue 30 June 2009 at 12:10

My dog just got skunked.

We had just got back from having supper with friends and Shane let the dog out for a final pee.

I was in the house checking my emails and of course BE, when I noiced a funny smell creeping in. First it smelled like burnt toast and then had strong grapefruit tinge to it. I didn't immeditatley recognise it as skunk as the only time I have smelled it before is from road kill which to me smells like burnt rubber.

Shane let the dog back in and he was wet. I thought he had been swimming but he doesn't usually go down to the pond in the evening. Then I noticed that he was mainly wet on his head. Then I noticed he smelled really bad.

We tried to get him in the bath but he was all worried and scared and he is 86 lbs and has a dodgy hip so getting him in the bath was not an easy option. In the end armed with shampoo and a big spunge we took him out to the hosepipe.

He was really goood considering that I had to get his head all soapy and rinse it off really well.

So now he is out on our balcony and I don't know if we managed to rid him of any of the skunk smell cos my house stinks.


Posted on Fri 3 July 2009 at 04:52 by jan_michigan
Hi there
Been there done that , even tried to go to work 3 days later and still smelled of skunk !
Theres a couple of really good products on the market for de-skunking a dog look at Walmart for them, one is in a big white bottle with red writing i cant remember the name of it but it does work. Also theres receipes for home made de-skunking stuff that includes peroxide and dawn its worth a try. I found that we became desensitised to the smell so couldnt smell it so bad after a while, unfortunately our friends and work colleagues still could!!
Good luck

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