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May..... spring is here.

Posted on Wed 3 June 2009 at 12:46

May has been a busy month. The snow has gone the grass is growing and all the back log created by winter has to be dealt with.

We have been busy fencing a new pasture. This is our first attempt at electric fencing. We are fed up with our the horses abusing the post and rail that we have.

Treacle and Toffee helping.........NOT!

The horses are enjoying the grass.

Also we had to change our car. We are buying a truck this year as it will be helpful  to pull hay and stuff, and we planned to change our van for something else next year. We had it all figured out.............

Then some silly woman not paying proper attention at the roundabout (traffic circle here) whacked straight into the back of us. "I thought you were gone" she said.........clearly not!'" said I.

The cop that came along to write the report said that there were incidents like this every day at the roundabout. Some canadians have a lot to learn about traffic circles. She had been looking at the traffic on the circle waiting for a gap (while drinking her Timmys) and floored it when she saw a spot. Unfortunately she didn't look to see if the car in front - me had already gone...grrrrrrr.

Anyhoo our insurance wont be affected cos it was her fault, but they have written off the van, so we had no choice but to go out and by a different car.

So we have bought a 2003 Ford Focus estate (station wagon here). Its really nice and drives well,but I miss my comfy old Dodge Caravan, although this should be better on gas.

We bought our Turkeys to raise for the table again this year. We have 20 this time. Thats double what we had last year.

We have had our first loss already though. One of the little turkeys got out under the door and got in with some chickens. They ruffed her up a bit and Shane found her in the morning floppy and cold on the floor of the chicken pen. We brought her up to the house and warmed her up slowly and tried to get her to drink a bit, but she died in the afternoon. Seems a bit odd trying to save the life of a turkey just so you can fatten her up for the oven.

Shane has been busy getting his garden ready to plant.. He wants to grow lots this year.

I will post pictures as it grows bigger, if the goats don't eat it all first. They took out quite a bit last year.

We really must get a goat proof pen worked out!


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