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More Snow!

Posted on Mon 6 April 2009 at 07:58

When I posted the comment in my blog concerning the March 24 storm, hoping it was the last one, I was dead wrong.

This last Monday we got a dumping of 35cm of snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To add insult to injury we lost power (for the first time this winter) at 2:pm, just as I was going to water the animals. I used what was left in the outdoor trough and thought the power would be on shortly.

Wrong!  We got a flicker of power at 6pm and then it went out again. By 8pm we had to resort to using a bucket on a rope lowered into the barn well to draw up water ffor the animals. Because the bucket was a little too large for the gap it ment we had to bale it out with a small sauce pan to fill up other buckets. What a lark.........not.

Shane saw the power compnay trucks up on the road and went to ask if there was any news but they were unsure of the problem and were going from pole to ple chacking them out. He couldn't give us any time frame for when it might end.

The best thing we have done to our house is to install a wood burning stove. Every canadian house should have one. We were able to boil water all day... a must for our cuppas. And using a dry frying pan we knocked up some very nice grilled cheese sandwhiches.

We then lit all the candles and I started to read the latest Dick Francis novel that my son bought me at least a year ago and so far I havn't had the time.

Anyhow we got the power back at 10pm just as we were going to bed. 8 hours we were out in all.


The snow although deep and heavy was short lived and has all but gone, taking with it much of the underlying packed snow that was still there from before.

I really do hope that this really was the last big winter storm......but I am not banking on it!


Power out

Posted on Tue 14 April 2009 at 10:22 by Dave+Jules
Just buy a small generator (like me) and you will probably never have another power outage again :~D I also keep a camping stove in the garage so we can access cooking capability.

We have a wood stove and they are the best thing for keeping warm and yes you can heat water on them.

Luckily we only had about 15cm of snow.

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