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Hay Crisis!

Posted on Sat 4 April 2009 at 10:48

Last year towards the end of winter we ran short of hay and had to buy more in. This year I was determined that this would not happen again and so bought in plenty of hay last summer. That in itself was a bit of a job as it was a wet summer and good hay was in short supply. But I got all that I ordered and was content that I would have more than enough to carry me through.

However I took on an extra horse to board. I didn't want to take on another horse but he was rather sprung upon me. The people who own him had taken him away in the spring after I had asked them not to feed him titbits in the field as it was not fair on the other horses. I asked them to bring him into the barn away from them if they wanted to give him treats. I had asked this of them not to be awkward, but it is a real safety issue to train horses to expect treats and have them scuffling with each other to get themat the field gate. Also both myself and my other boarders owners do not feed our horses many treats because it can engender distrispect and lead to them biting. The horse in question is such a biter and is always trying to take chunks out of me.

Anyway they took him away to a different barn up the road and I was not sorry to see him or them go. After 4 months however the barn owner delivered him back to their house (in a subdivision) and tied him to a tree on their front lawn and left him there, where his owners fond him when they got in from work, and subsiquently walked him to my barn and asked if he could come back.

So I had another horse and so ended up around 400 bales of hay short. My supplier had some extra hay and we have had to collect it in our mini van. We can get 12 to 16 bales in the van depending on their size. The farm is in Sheopdy which is a good half hours drive away, so collecting this extra hay has been a both time consuming and expensive business.


Posted on Tue 14 April 2009 at 10:24 by Dave+Jules
Sounds to me like you should be adding a surcharge on the owners for having to source extra hay. Say it is the same as the airlines when the price of fuel increases suddenly.

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