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Poorly Horse!

Posted on Sat 4 April 2009 at 10:14

This last week has been quite eventful, so I have only just had time to think about adding it to my blog.

Last Friday we got down to the barn to find that the horses had somehow got the gate open and been in the barn. Apart from obvious hazards like pitch forks and brooms and stuff, Shane keeps the chicken feed (dry pelletts) in a closed plastic dustbin in the main barn for convenience.

The horses had got into this and eaten the lot. Not sure how much was in there, but way too much for them.

I kept an eye on them through the morning and it soon became apparent that my horse and one of my boarders had eaten some and were feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

I called the vet after a while for some advice and he was of the opinion that it should pass through in time but if they were to develop very painful symptoms to call again.

Both girls here comsiserating with one another, about their over indulgence.

I went to check on the horses at 9pm to find Nisha (above) lying down in the field looking very uncomfortable.

she was a little sweaty and was in obvious pain. It took me while to make her get up but I managed it. I put her inside the barn and called the vet to come out and have a look at her. He pumped some mineral oil and eloctrolites and anti gas medicine into her stomach and gave her a painkillng shot too.

She began to look a little better within a few minutes, but not by much. I finally left the barn at 1:30am and dozed on the couch until 4:00am and went down to check on her. She was looking much better, so I took myself off to bed for a few hours sleep.

It was all very scary, especially as this is not one of my horses. I have no idea how the gate got opened. The frost heave here is bad and gate latches stop lining up after a while and I have had to tie everything up with string as a back up.

Anyway she is better and so no long term harm done.

Needless to say Shane has moved the chicken feed to a different part of the barn!



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