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Poorly Dog!

Posted on Thu 19 March 2009 at 12:02

WE woke up to stange noises coming from the laundry room at 5:30am yesterday. I went to investigate and found our dog Chinook having a seizure. Its the first time I have seen one and it was really frightening and worrying too.

It lasted about 2 minutes I think and it took him a few minutes to come out of it. Then he was really hyper and exitable for a while. He had lost control of his bladder during the seizure. Heis a big dog and it was very early in the morning so there was a lot of urine and he was covered in it.

Consequently my floors got covered in it. I tried to sponge him off as best I could but it wasn't very effective. All I can say is thank goodness for hard wood and tile. We had to mop the house twice before we felt it wasn't smelling like a mens public bathroom anymore.

The vet was very nice and explained the possiblities to us and we left it that we would wait to see if he has anymore and how often and how long the duration they are. He did coment that his teeth are pretty brown and not in good shape. Chinook is only 2 yrs old so they should be much better than they are. Also he has a canine tooth missing and his nose is bent. He thought that he might have had some sort of virus very early in life that had affected his devleopment and that could include his brain.

When we got back from the vets we decided that he needed a bath. Getting an 82.5 lb dog into a bath when he really doesn't want to and being careful not to hurt is bad hip (he has a displaced hip just on one side) is no mean feat, but it was accomplished and he now smells lovely and looks shiny too.

He is a farm dog from deepest Albert County and I suspect that the gene pool might not be as varied as it might be. But he is a great dog, excellent with all the other animals on the farm and he has been with us virtually since we got here. We hate the thought of anything happening to him. I wasnt really ready for another dog when we got him. Readers of my blog will know that my 14 yr old dog from England died just before he was due to fly out to be with us here. But Chinook is very affectionate and has wormed his way into my heart. I didn't realise how much until this happened.

So we are still a little shocked and keep wondering if or more likely when it will happen again.

Here is a piccture of him on a lazy spring afternoon. As you can see he has his paws well and truly under the table! Or in this instances sprawled all over his favorite chair.

This one shows him in all his imperfect glory. Missing tooth and bent nose.

So we will just have towait and see what we are dealing with.

On a more cheerful note, we are into some plus temperatures and my horses are spending their second night out without their rugs on. They are much happier to go naked. I wont be holding my breath though, we are not out of the woods yet and I suspect they will be back in the rugs before the week is out.

See how much of a maritimer I am becoming. I don't take anything about the weather for granted here. It can change on a sixpence......or I should say a dime.

My dog had them too

Posted on Thu 19 March 2009 at 11:48 by Cassie 10000
My dog started having fits when he was about two, still has them. He lives with his Grandma now as theat was one of the reasons I didn't want him to fly over.

He used to have them about every two months it just became part of him, he was never on any medication for it as it didn't happen that much, that's what the vet said anyway.

I could tell if he was going into one, his eyes would glaze over. That's when I knew, I would have a routine, get a towel and get him to lie down before he fell or his legs got too stiff.

Comfort them, they can here you just can't move, don't cuddle or hold their heads. Sometimes his head would go up and down so I would get a cushion so he wouldn't hit the floor.

Sometimes it would last 2 mins other times it could go on for five mins. Sometimes he could come out of one and go straight back into another.

When he did come out of one he would drink loads of water then run around the room thanking me and Neil for comforting him.

I hope this helps, I know how upsetting the first few are.

Get in touch by PM if you want a chat about it. It may be best to go to the vet and tell them as well.

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