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We are staying in NB

Posted on Sat 14 March 2009 at 11:27

We have come to a decision about our proposed move to Ontario.

After much discussion with our boys and between ourselves we have decided that we are going to stay here in NB and not move to Ontario after all.

We really need to put down roots and get on with our lives. So this year we are going to work hard on the farm to get it into shape. Improve the barn and fields and maybe get a few more horses in for boarding.

To this end we have have decided to invest in a tractor. We have 25 acres and a wheel barrow and a ride on mower is just hopelessly inadequate. So last week we went to a farm show held here in the Moncton Collusium. We drooled over the nice shiny new tactors and learned much about the size and type of tractor we will need to do the jobs we need it for.

So we are on the lookout for a good used tractor and maybe a small utility vehicle as they are invaluble for poo picking in the fields and ferrying stuff about.

We are also putting the finishing touches to the aprtment we have made and will advertise it as a self catering holiday aprtment.

The major stuff is done and it just needs some furniture a cooker (stove in Canada) and some cutains and soft furnishings.

I feel better now we have made our decision . We are nearly two years into our new life in Cannada and have started to get settled. We have some work and we have friends here. If we uprooted and moved to Ontario we would be starting again from scratch.

So I can't wait for the grass to come through so I can get on with training my project horse. She has had months off due to the weather so we will have to go back some way in her training. But she is a smart cookie and picks things up quick.

All I need now is for all the snow to melt........sooooooooooooon.

I am really pleased to hear you are staying

Posted on Tue 17 March 2009 at 08:57 by Dave+Jules
We should try and meet up this year (perhaps late in the summer).

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