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The longest part of winter.

Posted on Sat 14 March 2009 at 10:46

I have decided that the last few weeks of proper winter seem to be the longest.

You get a day or two of above freezing temperatures that cause a little thawing and raise hope in the heart that spring is waiting in the wings, only to be followed freezing rain and snow and way bellow freezing temperature. Spring feels so close and yet so far away.

At the end of February we had a large dumping of snow.

My horse paddock has turned into a skating rink which is not good for the horses. Its a good job they don't wear shoes or they would be sliding around all over the place.

The begining of March brought two days of freezing rain.

We didn't have it too bad in Moncton although it was enough for the horses to stay in the barn for 24 hours straight.

The Sackville area had power outages and down towards the Fundy National Park it was quite severe too.

This is a scene from the road to the Fundy Park at Shepody. All the trees and bushes were weighed down with clear ice and glisten like sparkling diamonds in the sun.

The picture really doesn't capture what a beautiful sight it is. But it is really destructive.

I hope Spring is here soon. I am heartily fed up of my warm but hugely unflattering winter barn wardrobe.


Baggy Trousers!

Posted on Tue 17 March 2009 at 08:59 by Dave+Jules
Cor you dont arf look sexy in that hat.

I really hear you on the tail end of winter blues. We have finished skiing and started trying to go out for walks. It is then that you realise there is still 3 feet of snow lying on the paths. Oh well I better bring those snowshoes back out the basement....


Posted on Mon 23 March 2009 at 10:16 by pennyhp
That hat was given to me by my son and I tell you I wouldn't be without it in the winter.
I could look 100 times worse and I would still wear it.

Being warm cannot be overated. lol

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