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Life in the Deep Freeze

Posted on Mon 19 January 2009 at 08:07

To say this past week has been cold is an understatement!

It has been below minus 25 every day and one day down to minus 30 something with a windchill of minus 40 something.

I dress up pretty warm for the barn but any exposed flesh feels like its burning as you feel it actually freeze.

We lost the water to the barn on Saturday of last week and it only came back this morning Monday.

The above is my method of transporting many buckets of water down to the barn three times a day!

Our well at the barn is good down to about minus 17 or 18 but lower than that it just freezes solid.

Well today dawned at minus 1 and felt positively warm by comparison. The water was flowing and we were back in business.

We had had a few cm of snow through the night and some freezing rain but by 10:30 am it was clear.


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