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I'm leaving :(

01:20, Tuesday 22 October 2013 .. 4 comments .. Link
No no no, not my husband or Canada. Or not indeed BE - but I have decided to make another blog on the web for a wider audience. It's moreso for my furniture makeovers, you know the obligatory before and afters! so if anyone is in the slightest bit interested here's a link to it http://moodunnit.blogspot.ca/ I have no idea how many people read this one but it sure would be nice to see some familiar faces as I attempt to crack into the already overpopulated world of 'girls painting furniture' thing!!!! I'm still a paint contractor by day (and a very busy one) - if it's any consolation - some of those furniture makeovers have been done with me going to bed at 4.30am and then getting back up at 7 to be on site by 8 (I'm kinda tired now) but I love painting things (as you know) and seeing as I've had no funny mishaps around the place to make you all laugh with (must be growing up!) I thought i'd document the makeovers! Thanks for reading - see y'all on the other side. Hugs and luvs Mandymoochops xxx

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05:06, Tuesday 22 October 2013 .. Posted by moneypenny20
I'll be stalking you :D

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08:46, Tuesday 22 October 2013 .. Posted by Sue
I'm with MP, another stalker here too :D

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02:13, Tuesday 22 October 2013 .. Posted by Jerseygirl
You can't leave us like that. I love reading your blog...it's the only blog I read.


07:33, Tuesday 22 October 2013 .. Posted by BEVS
I shall try to stalk but I do hope to continue reading of your life and donkey's. :-)

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