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Upsetting the neighbours

11:01, Monday 19 August 2013 .. 5 comments .. Link

See now - you know me - if it bugs me - i'll say it. Seems Canadians aren't really like that, they'll just moan behind your back.

Not this chick - no siree.

So here's how this one played out ...............

There was a poker rally and all the neighbourhood gets together for beers / whiskey after. Theres a load of people there (old school house in the middle of nowhere) and everyones having a good time. Darcy is talking to this tall guy, so I go over and say Hi. He looks down his nose at me and starts taking the piss out of the accent (not in a nice way either).

So I think right you jackass, fuck you I don't have to talk to you for the rest of the evening - and go off to talk to some friends.

Few hours later everyone ends up at ours - along with this shitbag of a guy (who is a friend of the neighbour) Greeeeaaaaaaaat - I'll just ignore you then. One of the neighbours asks me for a cigarette as everyone else is out, I say sure - and go into the kitchen drawer to get them and give him one. I turn away for about half a minute and when I turn back I notice the ignorant guy going outside to have a smoke.  Now I KNOW he didn't have any, so I open the kitchen drawer - and lo and behold - my fags have disappeared.

Well i'm riled right up now and go storming outside after him.

(Imagine if you will this in the best council house demeanour - and none of this is made up this is exactly how this played out - sorry for all the swearing)

"Oi you fucking shit - where did you get that smoke"

he points to the other guy outside and says "him"

"don't fucking lie - he just bummed that off me - so where are my smokes"

'no idea what you mean"

(the other guy outside is looking reaaaaal sheepish as he knows whats gone on)

"did you just take it upon yourself to go through MY drawers and help yourslef to my fags without asking??? actually don't answer that I fucking know you did so give the fuckers back get your shoes and stuff and fuck right off out of my house"

he points to the roof



"How dare you go through my stuff, help yourself and then decide to throw em on the roof - how fucking old are you, you stupid fuck - what gives you the right............................... (and on and on I go)"

Hes all the time trying to make out like its no big deal. you know the whole "you need to calm down whats the big deal" type thing)

I come back in the kitchen, grab his stuff coat / shoes and chuck it outside down the steps. The neighbour (whose friend this guy was) says "I can't believe you'd accuse him of doing that - he'd never do anything like that"

Darcy all this time is watching and waiting (I love that he lets me fight my own battles - theres nothing worse than a woman that starts a fight and expects her husband to finish is)

I'm just about to answer the neighbour when Darcy - says "i'll tell you how she knows he did it - because I stood there and watched him do it - I was about to say something but Manda seems to be handling it quite well"

Neighbour says "OMG I can't believe it" and then he starts yelling at his mate too.

Then Darcy sees red. And totaly goes for this guy (who is still stood outside the back door smoking my fag).

Needless to say after lots of name calling and people having to jump on both of them to stop the fight, the neighbours cram this guy into a truck and leave. (Two of them - not the twat guy - came round the next morning to apologise)

I hope people will think twice before they take the piss in the future. Actually I hope I see this guy at local events again. Cos he'll get anothe piece of my mind too :)


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01:10, Tuesday 20 August 2013 .. Posted by Jerseygirl
You tell 'em girl. Good for you.

Good one!

08:49, Wednesday 21 August 2013 .. Posted by BEVS
Up the bloke's kyber pass. The cheeky barsteward. Darcy played a blinder too. lol

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05:58, Monday 26 August 2013 .. Posted by moneypenny20
Where's the 'like' button?

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07:06, Monday 2 September 2013 .. Posted by Piff Poff
Love it xx

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03:16, Friday 27 September 2013 .. Posted by roston
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