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Can someone clone me please

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What the eff

I don't have time to eat, drink, or sleep these days!!!!!!!

A quick recap (and I mean quick)

April - Darcy started buildinng a shop (rigggggggght because he needs another man cave) on the one day in April we get a shitty snow storm


That same day I go to town for supplies, and witness an SUV careering off the road into a slough (pronounced slew - its like a large pool of water). I stop and like a twat go running into the slough to see if the driver is ok. She is - however I'm knee deep in freezing water. Leave the scene after giving details and splodge through walmart for new wellies.

I GET MY PPR woo hoo woohoo and woohoo again.

May and June

Darcy and my good self drive down to the States for a dirty weekend full of shopping and naughty stuff. We did lots of shopping and bought lots of beers back. I didn't kiss the border bloke who gave me my pr cos he looked as though he might arrest me.

I decide I should start looking for a job and apply for a position in Stettler as a financial services manager (much the same as I did at BMO when I first got to Canada.

I also decide that working full time for someone does not give us the freedom to randomly take holidays / weekends away / days off to go shopping whenever you feel like it. However a stable income would be nice.

So after discussing things with Duck I ponder about starting my own business. I did apprentice years ago as a painter so I do actually know my stuff, but building up a client base from scratch - hmmmmmmm this is small town rural Alberta. Client base would be an aged farmer and his fat wife.

Fuck it. I got some cards printed off and the same day that I applied for the bank job I - put some stacks of these in local hardware stores / paint stores and anywhere else that I threatened.

oh oh.

The bank called the next day and asked me to submit the resome to head office.

Double oh oh - a customer at the paint store called and wanted an estimate.

triple oh oh I telephone interviewed for the bank job, went in to see the manager and got offered the ob on the spot.

Quadru................ ok you get it.

Go to a family birthday party - 2 more people call for estimates - which I go and do - and land those jobs, as well as the one for the woman that called first.

The bank sends through the offer letter which I am to sign ..................................................................

Guess what.

I didn't sign it - GULP.

So I am now a fully fledged painter (NOT an interior designer) and cannot believe how busy I am. As of right now I have finished 3 jobs this week, and am currently booking work at around Mid October - with 3 more estimates to do in the next couple weeks.

Heres my FB page! like it if you so wish :)



Darcy is still off work due to shut downs. He's getting on my nerves - and me on his lmao everythings about the bloody shop beinng built and I don't have time for it!!!! I don't wanna come home after a day of painting to start climbing scaffold and screwing tin on thanks very much.

So I come back from work for a few days and screw on some tin.

My daughter flew in from the UK and Darcys son came to stay - so I had a month off (see you can do that when you're self employed!) we went to our usual place down southern AB and also into the states for a great time.

We also did some totally redneck stuff when Darcys neice came to stay

What - what's wrong with filling the back of a truck with water. pffffft some people ;)

Here's me in it - it was pissing well cold


Robyn sadly flew back last week and a cople days after I got right back to work - which os where I will stay for the foreseeable future seeing as I have an inability to say no!!!!!

So - no more weekends lounging around here's a glimpse of my schedule (ps Darcy went back to work after 5 months off - 5 MONTHS - I'm surprised we're still maried ;) !!!!!!!!!!!

This week (Tuesday to Friday) Paint a lake house (Tues night - girl coming to collect a dresser Robyn and I refinished - i'll post pics, Weds night - estimate another ob, go for supper at nana and papas house, thurs night - must do yard work - Friday night - Drive to Saskatchwean to see Darcy for the weekend)

Come home sunday night to prep for a job in Red Deer starting Monday

Monday to Friday paint house in Red Deer  (Full interior 3 floors walls ceining and trim)

That Friday night -  BE meet up.

Saturday / Sunday - go out west for a family reunion

Sunday afternoon come home to prep for going back to the Red Deer place for the following week.



See what I mean about being cloned???? Darcy reckons I should employ a helper. I reckon he can kiss my ass because I'm a bitch to work for and I know I'll end up yelling at someone and then being sued for something or other - so no thanks I'll stay solo (plus its early days who knows what the hell will happen in the winter????)

Phew - so thats about it they are the major things, had a little row with one of the neighbours friends (when I say little row I mean big blazing row, i'll do another blog entry about this)

As promised here's some pics of the makey project (dresser I found at the dump for nothing) thats being sold tomorrow

Before (it was similar to this - actually pretty much identical)

nice eh!!

and here it is done!!!! woohoo one night of staining / painting - sold it for $100!

Heres another project

I luuuurve these tables - so rustic and all that jazz but cost a bomb

So I made one - found some wheels on a really old wheelbarrow - (took a while to grind all the rust off an stuff)

Excuse the paint cans supprting the sides - I can't find anythng to use as the wheels for the ends as yet. Well I can - washing line pulleys - but am holding off in case I find something more vintage.

Looks pretty good eh - weighs a goddam ton though :)

















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