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He Gone!!!!!

10:35, Wednesday 7 August 2013 .. 5 comments .. Link

Darcy went back to work today after 5 months of the rig being shut down.

It was probably a good thing because I think we nearly killed each other a few times. So that means I'll have time to update with the goings on around here, and all the big changes that have happened in the last little while :)


Good !

09:34, Thursday 8 August 2013 .. Posted by BEVS
Good ! :-)

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07:04, Friday 9 August 2013 .. Posted by Jerseygirl
Yay!!! Can't wait....love reading your updates and I never usually read blogs.


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11:52, Friday 9 August 2013 .. Posted by mandymoochops
lol give me couple of days my daughter is here from the UK!

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05:50, Monday 26 August 2013 .. Posted by moneypenny20
Dear god, I thought you must have fallen off the edge of the world.

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03:19, Friday 27 September 2013 .. Posted by roston
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