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04:55, Friday 1 March 2013 .. 2 comments .. Link

I love how we all put a spin on how things in our day are going, it's that age of letting everyone know because we think they care about our marvellous day.

So i'll tell you about my day today how it really was (is).

First off if I were going to post a FB update about it - it would say "beautiful sunny day, got chores done now relaxing before I go and visit my husband tomorrow"

Sounds ideal hey. And thats how I want people to view my life so it works.

This is the reality, an insight if you will.

Woke up at around 9, looked at the clock and thought, fuck this, I'm going back to sleep. Then looked at the window because yes the sun was streaming through, and I still haven't found any curtains I like for the bedroom. Great - now all I can think about are curtains I can't find. Checked my phone for emails and texts, and then drifted back to sleep for another hour.

I should really be doing what other rural Canadians do, and get outside at the crack of dawn to feed the animals - bollocks to that they won't starve if their dinner is a few hours late.

Finally rolled out of bed and didn't even get dressed for 3 hours. Put coffee on, and just pissed around on the laptop. All the time I'm thinking - hmm I really should do the pile of laundry, dust the furniture off from where I sanded some doors down a couple days ago, maybe empty the dishwasher, possibly tidy the tools away that are still in the living room from whn Darcy started building the bookcases over a week ago.

Nah, can't be bothered, they're jobs for another day. I'll have coffee.

Soon I got bored with nothing happening in internet land and decided to get dressed.

When I say dressed I mean a long sleeved t shirt, no bra (who's gonna see!) and my coveralls, quickly bunched my hair up in a ponytail, jumped in my shit covered boots and headed off outside.

The donkeys are braying away at the gate waiting for me. So I yell "Oh ffs it's not like you're starving, so you're food is a few hours late" The dogs are jumping around going mental because They haven't seen me outside for 24 hours, so I throw a stick and they run after it.

The neighbour drives by, obviously thinking "why is she doing chores at lunchtime the lazy cow"

I wave and silently tell him to fuck off.

We don't have an automatic waterer for the donkeys, though their trough is heated, so  have to make sure it's full. Or rather I should make sure it's full. It was dangerously low. Oh for the love of god why don't I just fill it with like 4 buckets full every day then I wouldn't have to do it all in one go. I put 4 buckets in there and decided I'd do some more tomorrow. That shit gets heavy hauling it from the outside tap to the trough.

Haul my ass over the fence to the hay shed and the donkeys are following like I'm the pied piper.

Fork a whole load over which should last them a few days.

Walk down to the road to get the mail, hoping that there might be something in there from CIC, but there isn't , and decide that the new insurance docs for the truck that did arrive are a shitty piece of mail.

Came back in the house and warmed up some leftovers for yesterday for a late lunch, and checked in on FB and BE to see if anything exciting had happened in the last 45 mins. It hadn't. Then the internet died.

Are you effing kidding me. Now I have to do something :(

So I put some washing in, and decided to refinish a cuple of calendar holders i'd bought from a local goodwill store. Took an old sheet outside because at least the sun is shining and I can spray paint these bad boys on the deck.

It started to rain.

Well I'm having non of it. These are gonna get sprayed whether its raining or not. Now they have fish eyes in them. Oh well, i'll distress them anyway so that won't matter.

The internet finally came back, and I feel good again, It's an excuse to carry on doing nothing today. My calendar holders are drying in the living room and the place stinks of spray paint. I think i'll have a bath and do my nails in a bit ready for the drive up to Lloyminister to go and visit my hubby tomorrow.

Now I think 'ahh crap' as I'm writing this 'I need to put some power steering fluid in the truck' - but i won't. I'll leave it til tomorrow, the same way that I left going to the dump to get rid of some stuff - that i'll have to do tomorrow too.

I put laziness to a whole nother level, and you know what - for the most part I actually don't care lol

So right now I'm still wearing my coveralls, my hair still is tied up looking like shite, and I possibly have mascara rings under my eyes. Mucho attractivo hey.

Bath and pamper time I reckon, and then an evening in front of the box.

I'll pack my stuff for the weekend tomorrow.






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09:47, Saturday 9 March 2013 .. Posted by Teatree
Sounds a real busy day - you got style girl. LOL

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10:53, Thursday 28 March 2013 .. Posted by Piff Poff
I have days like that, it must be something to do with rural living lol

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