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01:52, Saturday 9 February 2013 .. 3 comments .. Link

I made some more stuff :)

It really annoys Darcy that I make things, but I reckon that I feel less guilty paying next to nothing for something, have fun turning it into something else, and then when I get bored of it 6 months down the line, I can get rid of it without feeling guilty.

You can't do that if you spend $400 a piece on bedside tables can you. You have to love them forever, and I get bored of "stuff" very quickly so its a win win.

Anyway, these two projects were for the bedroom, 2 side tables and some or other piece of funky art for above the bed.

So heres what I bought



2 of these babies cost me $5 for the pair but they are pretty crap, although the structure is there, I have some spare 2 x 4's and an idea

and this is what they now look like


Cool eh! I have 2 bedside tables that seriously cost me $5 for the pair cos I had everything else already :)

I was waiting for some inspiration for what to put above the bed, after having painted the room a dark grey and I am loving the whole 70's retro themes that are coming back in, for instance this is stunning


I saw that picture a while back and looked at those mirrors and they are dam expensive. However as luck would have it, a friend of mine told me how she made one (and unbeknown to me the one in the picture abve is homemade too!!!) So I followed her instructions and made my own starting off with the following


Yup you can see right, it's kebab sticks, shims, a mirror and a glue gun. It eventually turned out like this


Excuse the sticky fingerprints, I promise its clean now, it was a bugger to hang!!!! I would have like to have sprayed it silver, but it needed to tie in with the side tables so I stained it :)

All I need to do now is make a headboard and get some new curtains and duvet set to complete the look and i'll be happy with our new look bedroom (and then i'll post pics ;) )











03:35, Sunday 10 February 2013 .. Posted by Howefamily
that lot looks fab! I wish I could do things like that to stuff....

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12:55, Monday 11 February 2013 .. Posted by
You rock!!!

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07:57, Sunday 17 February 2013 .. Posted by moneypenny20
Why would he complain? Silly man! I think both jobs are great. Tell him some random woman on the other side of the world says to get a grip! ;)

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