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11:36, Monday 4 February 2013 .. 2 comments .. Link

Remember me saying the tractor died??? Well it did. Something went wrong on the steering and there was oil coming out of somewhere else. So when it stopped, Darcy just got out and said "thats it - i'm getting a bobcat" and the tractor has sat in that position for about 8 months now.

Here she is

or should I say - thats a picture of her as she was when we were given it from Uncle Kelly. It looks like a goddam tranformer FFS. The bucket was waaaaaay too heavy for the front - but it worked and we were happy for a while.

Anyway, I spoke to Darcy on the phone the other day and he said "just get someone from one of those scrap companies to come and get rid of it" And I',m all like "why would you do that, someone might wanna fix it or something? I'm going to put an ad on Kijiji to see if it will sell"

Okay, says Duck, have at 'er.

So I did. t was a funny ad (wished i'd kept it) though I didn't know how much to ask. I mean, how much do you sell a 1956 broken tractor for right?????

Luckly a tractor anorak sent me a long email outling what we have, and how much its worth (he reckoned ask for $1,650 ????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SWEEEEEEET!)

After loads of calls and emails from interested anor........... tractor enthusiasts, some guys from Edmonton decided to come and see it. I told them on the phone that she was waist deep in snow and the lowest I'd go is a crisp $1000 bill. And thats where it was left.

For about half an hour.

Til I got all "holy shit, 2 strangers are coming and i'm here alone. Luckily our phone has caller display, so I quickly Googled the guys name who called

WELL WHAT DO YOU KNOW. (No he wasn't an axe murderer which is what I was looking for actually) He restores and sells old tractors at auction!!!!! Bingo. Bargaining power. Not that I would go back on my price, I'm too honest like that - but if he tries to jew me down, then I'll use the info.

The guys came (super nice actually) they were impressed that the bodywork and original decals were in really good shape, not too bothered about the engine, although the something o other had got water in it and frozen which means that the tractor isn't going anywhere til spring when she thaws out.

Now we come to the negotiations ;)

"So whats the lowest you'll go?"

"I said on the phone $1000, and thats the bottom line"

"Well the gearbox is seized and there are other issues, how about $800?"

""nope" says me "$1000 firm"

"Well ........... you know th.................."

And I stop him in his tracks.

"Listen, I know what you do, and I know you know how much there is to be made from restoring it and selling it on. Because I also know thats what you do."

"How do you know that?????"

"Google is your friend"

"Fuck" he says

And does the deal for $1000 on the spot.

After more reseach the make and model will be worth about $6k when restored. This guy probably has to put in about $2k plus has to haul it from here, 3 hrs up north. So i'm happy with what we got.

But you know what, I'm also happy that she'll end up looking that this

And being the big softy I am for restoration of anything, thats worth more than eeking out an extra $500 from the guy.











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11:47, Tuesday 5 February 2013 .. Posted by Sue
You are all mush on the inside aren't you :)

But to be truthful I think that's cool that you know its going on to better things :)


12:04, Tuesday 5 February 2013 .. Posted by mandymoochops
yes I am a big softy, we spent ages looking at pictures of all the tractors he'd restored, if he'd have carried on I'd have probably just gave it to him ;)

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