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Some people just don't listen

12:48, Thursday 10 January 2013 .. 3 comments .. Link

After an eventful new year we sadly take Conner back to Calgary on the 3rd Jan. On the way home we stop in at a friends farm because we needed to buy some straw bales for the donkeys. Luckily the friend (his name is Sheldon but his nickname is Slippery (I'll let you work out that one for yourself) had loaded the bales onto a flat deck trailer, so all we have to do is hook the trailer up, tow them home, unload them the next day and return the trailer. It's only 50 bales too so not too bad.

Now we've had quite a lot of snow at our place. As in - it's up to your knees in some parts. And those parts are the parts between the driveway, and the donkey pasture.

The next morning we have brekkie, and discuss how to get the bales up to the hay shed in the pasture.

My suggestion is (please read this carefully) "Under no fucking circumstance, do you attempt to take the truck and trailer, through the snow up to the pasture - there's too much weight, too much snow, you'll get stuck and break something and probably lose you temper. I reckon we should hook the quad up to one of our smaller trailers and haul 4 or 5 bales up there that way at a time"

Did you read that???? Good. Read it again.


Darcy - "Oh hell no that'll take way too long, i'm taking the truck and trailer up there it'll be fine"

Me - "I think you're being stupid, there is no way on this planet the truck will get up there, for the love of god will you just listen once. Leave it where it is and i'll go and get the quad and small trailer and we'll do it that way"

So I go outside to go get the quad. And what does Darcy do?????

Oh yes, you'd better believe it. Drives the truck and trailer in to the middle of the yard and gets stuck. We only think at this time thats it's partially stuck, I'm shaking my head. We pull the quad and trailer up to the stuck truck and unload the bales 4 at a time and take them to the hay shed that way (the way, you will note, that was suggested in the first place. I can't remember who by, but i'm sure it'll come to me)

When thats all over, it's time to get the truck out.

Or shall we say. Not get the truck out.

He's going backwards and forwards and not really moving anywhere but down into deeper ruts in the ground. Finally he yells at me to go and get my truck. I refuse. His truck has way bigger tires with studs in them, mine just has all seasons. There is no way that both trucks are going to be stuck.

After half an hour of us yelling at each other (and this time I did pull the "I told you so" line) My solution is to admit defeat and call a neighbour to bring their tractor out (ours died not long after we did the house renos last year) and help.

Darcy is adamant that isn't going to happen because he thinks the neighbour will think he's an idiot for getting the truck stuck.

Please refrain from laughing.

So he gets back in the truck and is just yarding on it, until it starts making weird noises and smoking from the rear end. (and still not moving).

I have had enough by this point and call the neighbour, who half an hour later comes over with his tractor and rescues our vehicle and our friends trailer.

Now of course is the sticky point of why it was making the noise. Not being mechanically inclined, but having worked at a local GM dealership in town, I call a buddy from there who comes over that night to look at what damage has been done.

Whapang - that'll be a new transfer case then.

I can only shake my head at this point, because (remember when I asked you all to read the comments again???) I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO.

Now we have to replace a transfer case ($2000) and while its out theres some other seals leaking from the transmission etc and some tranny cooler lines that need changing - so all in with my mate doing the work it's about a $4000 repair just cos someone thinks his truck is a tractor.


As an aside it's not just Darcy thats buggered up this holiday. He went back to work today (his bil came to pick him up - they both work on the same crew) and I was bored earlier and decided to knock through one of the bedroom closets which follows through to another closet that we don't really use on the other side of the wall - so we can make the bedroom one bigger?!!! Makes sense right?

Well I got a bit hammer happy and hit a hole through a part of a wall I wasn't meant to.

I'll be fixing that in the morning. Right now it's 1.10am and after all ths updating, I'm not patching drywall at this time of the morning.

We make a good couple do me and Duck hey ;)






11:24, Thursday 10 January 2013 .. Posted by IngStina
sorry, couldn't refrain from laughing ;-D

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09:31, Monday 21 January 2013 .. Posted by BEVS
You both be mentals and well suited.

Made me laugh.....

09:34, Saturday 9 March 2013 .. Posted by Teatree
So funny - made my afternoon.

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