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12:03, Thursday 10 January 2013 .. 2 comments .. Link

Now I know my husb works very hard. So, on his downtime I don't deny him one iota of time to play hard if he so wishes (please revert back to the previous two months blogs about hunting).

I'll give him his dues too, I can do whatever I want so alls good there.

However (that's when you know it gets good right?!!!), on boxing day we went to pick his son up from Calgary to come and stay with us for a week. Which, in my mind at least, means Darcy gets to spend time with his son.

But on the second day he was here, all the guys decided to go out sledding, and, as its really only a winter pastime that Darcy doesn't get to do much due to work, we decided to cut him some slackSo Conner and I and his cousin Seth (similar age) spent the day together, and Darcy went out for the day with his mates.

Alls good there.

Or so you'd think.

Because 2 days later, a load of friends are ammalgamating at a local hill, taking their kids / tobbagans / sleds for a day of family (i'll hilight that again shall I) FAMILY, fun. Towards the end of the day when Darcy had spent precisely 5 mintues wih his son and the rest of the time playing on his sled and talking with his mates, the guys decide to go off for a short ride.

This is where the bitch comes out.

I'm like "sorry what???" "Your son is here, you went riding with the guys a couple days ago, exactly how long is a short ride???"

"I dunno half an hour"

(by this time it was 5pm) so I say "fine you have 20 minutes. I'll take the truck and sled trailer back to a friends farm and we'll meet you there to get the sled loaded and go home."

Well, at 5.15pm they decide to leave, Darcy says "Can you give me til 6 o clock?"

I shoot him a "ooooh you are so pushing your luck matey" glance and advise that he has til 6pm and then if he isn't back, we are leaving and he has to find his own way home (about half hour away in a truck).

Well, at 7 minutes to 6 I get a text message. "Be back in 15 minutes"

I respond "Unlucky, you have 7"

And then every minute closer I send a text counting down how many minutes it is til we leave.

Bang on 6 o clock Darcy of course isn't there and I start the truck and head off home. Conner is in the back and says "are we really ditching dad?????"

I'm like "Oh yes we are"

So Conner says "wow Manda, when you say something you really mean it don't you?!!".

About 6.20 I get a text "Where are you? coome back I'm at the farm" to which the obvious reply was "Fuck you"

I was so angry that he couldn't not go with his friends when he has his son here, that I made him ride his sled all the way home (took 2 hrs) in the dark (which granted was dangerous), when he got home he smelled of oil and gas as the sled was overheating. Face like thunder.

Moral of this story? Disappoint your son and your wife will come down on you like a ton of bricks.



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08:29, Thursday 17 January 2013 .. Posted by Piff Poff
Brilliant, I am just too soft

Good one

09:25, Monday 21 January 2013 .. Posted by BEVS
I love your style missus.

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