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07:31, Wednesday 9 January 2013 .. 3 comments .. Link

It's been a while, Christmas and other things and all that.

Lots has gone on so i'll not write it all in one entry. But I'll start the first entry of the year on a sad note.

Just before Christmas, Darcy, his dad, and uncle Kelly went back up North elk hunting. Once again they were unsuccesful (I'm sure this ia a ruse), so decided to come home, drop uncle Kelly off (who had to go back to work) and return for another 3 days.

Which is what they did. So on the 18th December they are up north and I am now faced with bitching and whining about sorting all things Christmas out. On the 19th I went over to my sis in laws to have my hair done and then have some drinkies with her and nana. Which is where we got the bad news.

There was a phone call from Uncle Kelly, his daughter, Darcys cousin, Caitlin had died. She was 22. She had a 1 year old daughter and was getting married this year. She had a heart attack as she was putting her daughter into her car to go and see her fiance for lunch. A neighbour found her laying on the floor by the side of the vehicle beause she wa alerted by the baby's cries coming from the vehicle.

Uncle Kelly and auntie Chris were contacted by the police, and thats when kelly called nana, just after they had left the police station.

You may have gethered from this blog, that Darcys family does everything together. So losing Cait is like losing a sister. I'd not long been to see her and her fiance to take some photos that they wanted to hand out for Christmas, and now one of them was used in the funeral service.

So for the week leading up to Christmas, the season stopped, the family came together and everything was put on hold to support each other.

The most heartbreaking thing I heard over this time, whilst the funeral arrangements were being discussed was Caits fiance, Tim, say "So there will be around 300 people there right? You know when we were planning for the wedding thats the number Cait figured, so she was about right". :(

So this entry is a very sad first one of 2013 and dedicated to a very beautiful lady, who was taken way too soon.

RIP Cait xxxx




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06:03, Monday 14 January 2013 .. Posted by moneypenny20
Very sad news, Hope the family is coming to terms now.

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08:26, Thursday 17 January 2013 .. Posted by Piff Poff
That is so sad and she was far too young to be taken, my heart goes out to you nad yours moo xx

Sorry to read this sad news love.

09:22, Monday 21 January 2013 .. Posted by BEVS
. It's very sad indeed when this happens to someone so young. Doesn't seem to be a rhyme or a reason does there.

This same thing happened to one of Phil's cousins last year. Just 22 with a fiance. He is a chef. He survived after an induced coma but there is brain damage.

So very sorry to read this sad news for this very young family & for all your adopted family .
Not a way to start a New Year is it.

All the best to you and yours.


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