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........... about your sled........?!!!!!!!!!!

12:19, Saturday 15 December 2012 .. 2 comments .. Link

Finally Darcy has finished for the christmas holidays, I get him all to myself for 4 weeks, just think - all the things that can now get done around the house - oh the list is loooong!

But that has to wait, because he got home Wednesday, and Thursday morning, him, papa and uncle Kelly took off up north again to try and get their elk (for the second time!!!!)

Obviously as the dutiful wife I got all his hunting gear ready to go. This took all of about 5 minutes to bring it upstairs from the basement and pile it in a big heap in the kitchen along with the comment "here's your stuff - sort out what you want to take". Though this time seeing as theres been HUGE amounts of snow up there, they guys weren't taking their quads, they decided to take ther sleds (snowmobiles) instead.

Darcys sled hasn't been started in about a year, so on Wednesday afternoon, papa and Kelly were supposed to be coming over to get it going and load it in preperation, as Duck wouldn't be home til after dark - and - well - I'm not going to start it. You have to pull one of those pully type things and its hard.

It starts to get dark and the guys weren't here yet - so I call Darcy and he says "just take the jerry can out to the shed and fill the sled up - oh and maybe leave a bit of gas so it can be dumped in the plugs too". Pffft, well that sucks it's freezing outside, so I dress up like a bank robber and drive out to where the fun toys are stored. Taking the jerry can of gas.

Do you realise how goddam heavy jerry cans are? and how stupid? I mean, it's all good if you are built like - er - anything but me, but really, lifting up a can of gas and trying to tip it in the hole and hold it while it empties is not easy.

But I did it, and only managed to get a small percentage of gas all over myself and the sled. Well that sucks, because I could murder a cigarette right now. Probably not a good idea. Feeling a bit lightheaded due to the fumes I put the lid back on the now empty gas can. Shit, fuck, shit - it's empty. I was meant to leave some in. Oh well never mind i'm sure it'll be fine.

Daylight has all but gone, and I, all of a sudden feel like I should be able to get the thing started for him - at least that way when papa comes over, it'll be running and all they have to do is load it onto Kellys truck. I mean, how hard can it be? Turn the key, and pull that cord type thing.

Piece of cake.

So i sit on the sled and look around for the ignition, aha there it is, flick - on. That wasn't so difficult. oooooh, what's this??? it's a switch that says 'choke'. Ahhhh well I KNOW this means 'flick this and some gas comes through to make starting it easier'. That'll help. So I flick it, although i'm not sure which way its meant to be flicked. Is it just to the up position, or is it all the way over???? So I flick it to up, ahh fuck it - i'll do it all the way over.


Holy shit I've flicked his switch clean off the bloody machine. OMG he is going to go nuts. I quickly find it about 5ft away on the floor, and balance it back on the machine in a "No, of course I haven't touched it" type way. Turn the sled off and run back to the house, fully prepared to watch papa and kelly try and start it when they arrive and say "oh no, look you've broken the choke?????"

I spent 5 minutes of torment before I decided I couldn't lie to my hubby or throw the other family members under the bus. So I went outside, had a smoke and called Darcy. You know that something is bad when you start a conversation with "Look, don't go mad but..............." right? So I said "Look, don't go mad but I think I may have broken your sled!"

"How do you mean you've broken the sled"

"I didn't say HAVE broken, I said MAY have broken"

"Well whatever, what did you do?"

"Ummm well I thought i'd try and get it started, so I turned it on and flicked the choke switch, and the switch flew off :( "


Oh this is bad, I bet he is just beyond livid cos he can't start the sled and take it hunting now - my mind is filled with the repercussions of the lawnmower incident. Surely a choke thingy isn't that expensive?

"huh, I'll have to do the choke with some pliers because those units are expensive, and a pain in the ass to replace, you have to take the whole thing out - you can't just buy the switch"

Oh crap - this is super bad - he's being calm, this must mean he's just seething.

"Don't worry babe - those switches are crap I've done it myself - it's no big deal"

RESULT, though next time I have no idea what I'm doing, I won't do it.

As luck would have it, Darcy and Kelly turned up at home at the same time, it took about 10 mins to get it started and another 10 minutes to watch Darcy take it for a rip round the yard, before it was loaded up onto Kellys truck ready for the morning.

And thats it - Darcy left at 5am Thursday morning, he is still up North (it's now Friday night) and they still haven't shot anything!

Some things never change ;)








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04:08, Saturday 15 December 2012 .. Posted by IngStina
Lady, you are always good for a laugh, thank you. Wishing you and yours the very best of the holidays and all good things in the new year ( yeah ;-D )

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03:41, Sunday 16 December 2012 .. Posted by mandymoochops
Thanks Ingstina, all the best to you too x

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