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01:39, Thursday 6 December 2012 .. 2 comments .. Link

I haven't updated in a while because, well November is hunting season - and I know most of you don't like that kind of thing - so 90% of the last month has been stuff I can't post about.

Although there was one hunting related incident that is noteworthy.

Picture this, Darcys truck, the other love of his life - was at a buddies place having some front end work done, so the time he was home we were using my truck. Which as trucks go - works, you can switch to 4wd when you want - which I do - lots. It's like - hmm slippy roads - bong - hit the button - yeah traction.

Him on the other hand sees it as an assult to him manhood and keeps it in 2wd unless desperate.

So anyhow, one morning he got up early to go hunting, and I didn't. As in - fuck no i'm not coming, this is getting old - type of not coming. So he leaves, I stay in bed and all is good.

He had a hunting blind set up on some land about an hour away - so thats where he was going. TBH I didn't care, he could have been on the moon, I was satcheying around the kitchen in my slippers thinking I'd by far and away got the best end of the deal.

The phone rings, it's Darcy.

Huh? I think - he must have got something. Well at least he'll come home happy. Here's the conversation starting with me.

"Hey babe, hows the hunting going"

"Holy shit I saw a HOG of a deer, 6 points on each side and his tines must have been easy a foot long, he was a book deer for sure" (meaning he would score over 200 points)

"Oh wow - did you shoot him?"

"well it went like this.........."

For the love of god, I'm thinking, don't you dare start a conversation with 'oh it went like this' - because that means it ends badly.

"How did it go .............."

"well I was driving to the blind through a slip road on the guys land, and I see a doe in the bushes, so I take my range finder out to range how far she is, when she gets up and runs. About 40 feet behind her comes this monster deer and runs right acroos the road in front of the truck and into the field to the right, so I hit the gas and fly down the road to get to the bottom of the field to get around the other side of the field but the truck was in 2wd and I hitt the ditch, and nearly hit a tree. It's stuck and i've called dad and Kelly to come pull me out"

"What???? Are you okay?"

"oh yeah just pissed that the deer got away - I left the truck running in the ditch, grabbed the gun and chased after him in the field but I couldn't find him"

WAIT - WOAH THERE TONTO you left MY truck, wedged in a ditch, for what must have been at least an hour (because I know he would have been searching for ages,)  while you went jollying after a goddam deer???????????????

"I got back to the truck and tried to get it out but it was stuck good, and you need some more coolant in the radiator - oh and a new windshield wiper blade"

So all I say is "well as long as you're ok, I hope you guys get the truck out and manage to find your deer, i'll see you later"

But what I'm really thinking is - how in gods name is my truck out of coolant and eeding a new wiper blade????? You moron, if I'd have ditched his truck - I'd be scared to go home - not phoning him like it was all cool and funny.

So a few hours later he gets home - and I ask him

"How in gods name is my truck out of coolant and why does it need a new wiper blade???????"

It seems he was revving and spinning to get out of the ditch, so much it overheated, and once he had ditched it, and jumped out of the truck to chase the deer on foot - he caught the windshiled wipers so they were going all the time he was chasing this thing. Aside from the fact that there is half a field of dirt and shit all over the hood and the sides of it.

And they never did get the deer.

What can you do but shake your head, because I tell you right now - when I get my new vehicle next year - he is NOT under any circumstances taking that out. He can use old Red as his hunting truck. FACT.







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05:01, Sunday 9 December 2012 .. Posted by BEVS
Crike. Lot of people wouldn't like New Zealand then.
Hunting & shooting is a national past-time here.

hunting story

08:14, Monday 10 December 2012 .. Posted by Howefamily
Love it!

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