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12:15, Friday 16 November 2012 .. 1 comments .. Link

Seeing as Darcy told me not to paint anymore walls in the house - I decided to utilise some of the old shit stuff we had laying around in one of the sheds.

Before that though I went online for inspiration.

The reason for this is that finally, the new flooring will be laid over the Christmas holiday upstairs so I can get my vision on track - my vision includes wainscoting / coving and a kind of elegant shabby chic. I need to break this to Darcy gently - or come to think of it - not at all - we'll lay the flooring and then when he goes back to work in the new year i'll do the wainscoting myself. And thats ok cos it isn't strictly painting the walls.

While trawling the interweb, I come across another really cool blog type thing of likeminded ladies with too much time on their hands that make stuff. Well hello kindred spirits :)

And eventually ended up making this wall hanging out of some of the off cuts of barnboard I refuse to throw away, and some paint and screws and glue and shit.

I'm off into town tomorrow so i'm gonna pick up a couple of black wrought iron type handles and screw them to the two wooden jobbies that hold the thing together so it looks like a serving tray :) Though it will be purely decorative, because - well - I made it, so the whole thing is likely to fall apart at the first sight of a side plate and coffee mug.

NOW, with this new found love of using junk to make more junk, I was scouring the local Kijiji site for old shitty furniture and managed to snag these 2 gems for $20 for the both (I pick them up later today)



I know what I want to do with the table - in my mind it will turn out like this (ish)

I found his picture on google



 i'll have that blown up at the local printers so it fits the top of my table, distress the legs and stuff and voila. Athough I do need to get this all done before Darcy gets home and I get the rolled eye treatment.

Actually just looking at the pics now I might not even paint the table - I might just attach the graphic, seal it and leave it as is hmmmmmmmm decisions .............

As for the shelf thingy - I'm not sure what to do with that yet - depending on what size it is (er um yeah I didn't ask the girl that was selling it, I just went "I'LL TAKE IT") - I might modify it (which means paint it) and replace the barnboard mirror above the fireplace, add a few decorative mouldings and make a larger mantle thingy. Not sure whether to put a mirror in the middle or just get some nifty franch graphic - we'll see when we get them home.

I'm quite exited about this :) thoough the excitement will have to wait cos it's papa's birthday tomorrow - so after I go and collect the furniture - it's straight over to the inlaws for som bev-er-arges :) Another bloody family do that Darcy isn't here for :( - never mind i'll take one for the team and drink his share !!!!!






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You really are very talented!!

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