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Quckie update on the milk churn ....................

10:39, Monday 12 November 2012 .. 6 comments .. Link

I finally finished it yesterday.

It's weird because 5 years ago living in a UK city my taste in decor would have been your standard Ikea type stuff IYKWIM. Now living out here - you totally get the "country cabin" way that everyone is surrounded by.

I don't even think Darcys deer pictures are tacky anymore (and I have to say when I first moved in one that was hanging in the living room had the tag of "That has got to go" on it  - but now has pride of place in the man cave!!!!!! (so  suppose it did go in a way!) Granted the upstairs (my domain - not that we live on seperate floors of the house lol) doesn't have dead animals all over it - but it is decorated in a slightly more modern country

If Darcy didn't want a deer picture on the churn, I'd have left it plain cream and it would have stayed up here to display flowers in or something - obviously now theres one on the front of it - it goes in the basement hahahaha! God knows what he'll want to do with it - I think maybe it'll go in the spare bedroom on a dresser with some floral shit in it - I had an idea of putting some of his deer horns in it but apparently that wasn't a good idea.

I think i'll just do it anyway ;)

Heres the finished product




You're very artistic

11:28, Monday 12 November 2012 .. Posted by IngStina
have you thought of making things for sale? There seem to be craft sales everywhere these days, you could make some good money.

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01:18, Monday 12 November 2012 .. Posted by mandymoochops
One day I will, but right now I don't have my pr so I can't go out and do stuff like that, I can use this time to practice :)

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07:16, Tuesday 13 November 2012 .. Posted by
That's fab!!

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07:20, Thursday 15 November 2012 .. Posted by moneypenny20
You are seriously clever!


05:02, Friday 30 November 2012 .. Posted by caretaker
That's nice, but it's a cream can, not a churn. Keep up the good work!

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05:06, Friday 30 November 2012 .. Posted by mandymoochops
hahaha I never said I was from a farming back ground did I - it could be an umbrella stand for all I know ;)

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