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12:15, Sunday 11 November 2012 .. 2 comments .. Link

I'd just like to add another entry to congratulte a close family friend (and relative by marriage but hey this is rural Canada!).

First a bit of history .............

Darcy grew up with a group of close buddies, one of them, Jens (his dad is from Norway) had a son at a young age (17). Jens took on the responsibility and although he and the mum didn't last, he's always been an excellent dad. Jens' younger sister also ended up marrying Darcys younger brother.

Eventually Jens finished uni, and now lives in Calgary, and his son Jake went to live with him a few years back but they have always had a great rlationship with Jakes mum. Jakes maternal grandad was a champion bull rider and Jake took up rodeo at an early age with full support of everyone involved. Jake had loads of success as a bull rider too but last year took up bareback riding. He also won a rodeo scholarship down to the states where he went this year :) continuing to compete in both bulls and bareback.

Yesterday at the CFR (Canadian Finals Rodeo) the biggest rodeo event in Canada (bar the Stampede which is invitational) Jake won overall Champion in novice bareback.

I wanted to share my congrats on here, to a wonderful kid with a great sense of humour, and fantastic work (and play) ethic!

Well done Jake, you're a credit to yourself and your family. 



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06:39, Monday 12 November 2012 .. Posted by moneypenny20
That's very cool so congrats to him! Love the milk churn btw. Does Darcy fish? You could put a salmon or similar on it. Just a thought, could be a rubbish one. :D

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10:37, Monday 12 November 2012 .. Posted by mandymoochops
Thats a great idea actually! The basement will be overun with milk churns in no time :)

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