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Making things and not shooting things

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Well the hunt was succesful - for the animals at least, with 4 cow elk tags, 4 hunters and 4 guns you'd think they'd get something. But no, not this time - so the 5 days we were up there consisted of getting up at 5am, walking around in snow, searching for something that was rarer to see than the dodo, coming back to the motel at dark, having a shower, supper, one drink then lights out. All by 11pm!!!!

This piccy was taken after the guys had spotted a herd of elk ranged at just over 900yrds away. They sneaked through the bushes to get closer as nana and I watched from the edge of the field (apparently we would have been a handicap on the stalk, wonder why lol).

Obviously the elk saw them from miles away and started to head off in the opposite direction, just as the guys had managed to get within a semblence of sensible shooting range, and for all their bravado - they fired and missed!!!!! (though I didn't tell you that - if you listen to the stories when we got back you'd think the things were 500 miles away and a heat seeking missile wouldn't have found them - but no - they purely and simply missed) Uncle Kelly didn't shoot because the range on his gun wasn't worth chancing injuring one - he said when they got back "Hell if i'd have hit one of those things it would have been like a mosquito landing on its back". So basically with their expensive long range rifles papa an Darcy are just crap shots.

I spent most of my time asleep while we waited during the day.

Why? I hear you ask.

I'll tell you why.

It's because we were cheap, that's why.

We all decided to cut costs and share one motel room, 2 queen beds and a floor/sleeping bag for uncle Kelly. And 3 Dux men snore very f*****g loudly . And fart in their sleep too. What the hell is that all about.

It was a relief to come home and get a proper nights kip I tell you. And being able to wear deodourant that smells nice. Darcy and the others are going up again for a week or so in December, but I'm not going then, it'll be way too cold and they'll be taking their sleds with them - and if you think i'm going on the back of one of those with my hubby - you need a labotomy.

So as always with Darcy away at work and 8 inches of snow outside I am filling my days with being arty crafty again. Last time he was away I found a really nice colour for the kitchen, so painted it one night. Darcy said it looks wicked but also added "please babe, don't paint any more walls - we've probably lost about 6 inches all the way around the house for the amount you've painted!"

Well if CIC would get their skates on and sort out my visa so i'm allowed to work - this kind of thng wouldn't happen - you can blame immigration Canada for the lack of space in our home.

 Luckily for him I stumbled upon a blog in the week, here - http://gailsdecorativetouch.blogspot.ca/ I think I have died and gone to heaven - here is a woman that makes shit all the time!

Just like me.

Apart from she does it properly, whereas I start out with all the bright ideas I can muster then get bored halfway through the project and start something else.

Undaunted I'm flicking through the pages and find her awesome mantle display that she did for christmas - and as I'm bored and it's nearly (ish) December. I decide to copy it. Here's how my christmas mantel turned out


I am very happy with it and feeling quite festive already (it's wrong to tell you i've started putting the tree up alreay isn't it???)

Also a couple of months ago (don't know if I mentioned it) Darcy and I went to tear down some old graineries, because I like to use the barnwood to make things from (as in the mirror above the mantle!!! and pretty much every other picture / calendar in the house) and whilst we were at the farmers place, we found a few old rusty farm bits. Specifically an old milk churn.

Now I love old shit like this - I don't see it in its current state - I see it finished and looking sweet. So I'm loading the truck up with old wheels and saw blades etc and Darcy says "this shit had better not be cluttering up the garage for years.................."

I'm like "pfffffft what do you take me for - I have grand ideas for this stuff"

2 months later ........................!!!!!

The milk churn looked like this. (this isn't the one - I didn't take a pic of it when we got it - but it was in about the same shape)


So I cleaned, de-rusted and sanded it the best I could, sprayed it with white primer, then when dry, sprayed it with 2 top coats of a cream coloured gloss rustoleum. Painted the handles / top / bottom / middle bands with black, then dry brushed brown and gold over the top. when these were dry I sanded them off a bit to give them a worn look.

Darcy wanted a deer picture painted on it - but I'm not totally a fan of the kind of image he had in mind - so I've compromised and made it country kitchen but still deer like.

This is where we have gotten to today

Tomorrow i'll finish the little 'milk' oval sign at the top, sand off the burgundy lines to distress them (thats why they are 'rough' painted) - and hunt around for some inspiration for a suitable picture to paint on the front. Obviously it has to be wildlife of some sort - but I'm drawing a blank for the right kind of picture to go with the rustic theme yet still keeping my hunter gatherer husband happy.

If I find another milk churn I'll do a cow or a rooster or whatever on it, but for now Darcy wanted this one so I'm presuming he wants it for his man cave. And I reckon it's not going to be filled with milk ;)


Anyway - thanks for reading and i'll update soon with the finished article!








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You are sooo talented. Love it!!

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