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01:40, Thursday 18 October 2012 .. 2 comments .. Link

He's a complex fellow is Darcy. Well to outsiders I suppose, when you look at his family you can tell theres unendng amounts of love between them. But no one ever says it. It's like they are all 1950's men, feelings should be kept surpressed.

Me on the other hand, I have no problem telling someone what I feel / think / at any given time. Which is why it's sometimes difficult to understand why someone like Darcy cannot for the love of god express anything vaguely emotional.

Oh sure he'll tell you if something has been done wrong or criticize, but to him thats a means to an end - ie if I tell you its wrong this time, next time you'll do it right. And then when you do do it right - there's no thanks or praise - it's just that knowing look of "oh ok so you did something the way it's meant to be done, what dya want me to do or say about that?????" He's a put up and shut up kind of guy.

To him life is straightforward. If it needs doing - you do it, and you do it right. It's all about the physical and the cut and dried.

Of course when I came onto the scene he has had to start to slowly learn about mushy things like love, affection, showing gratitude and appreciation. And it scares the shit out of him.

I remember one time last year that I pinned him into a corner and ordered him to say something nice to me, pay me a compliment - anything. You will never guess what he said.

Go on guess.

I'll wait.

Was it "I don't need to say anything nice I think you are beautiful all the time..........." or other such lip service????

Was it bollocks.

He said the following (with an immense look of fear in his eyes too I might add) - and I quote - word for word......................

"Your lipstick is shiny."

I'm sorry what? I don't think I heard that quite right? Did you say my lipstick is shiny??? What school of charm did you go to that said "the best way to win over a womans heart is to compliment the sheen of her mouth covering".

Course I burst out laughing because that's how Darcy is and that's why I love him. There's no bullshit it's just straight talk. You never really know if he is hurting inside until it starts to show, and after a while you get to know those signs. And he is totally incapable of expressing these feelings. Totally.

When he needs or wants to say something he has a look that can only be described as Edwards Scissorhands. And it's heartbreaking. You know that in his throat are all the words he wants to say but when it comes for time to get them out they all get stuck and jumbled up to the point of choking him, and then something totally random comes out instead, and then he gets more upset because that isn't what he meant to say at all.

This is why, before he left for work yesterday - he gave me my birthday card, and when he gave it to me he said "I picked it because of what it said."

and it says

"In my heart I wonder why it often seems to be, I can never say the things that really mean the most to me. I wonder why it seems when I find the words at last, the perfect time for saying them to you has long since passed.

I wonder how to tell you all you've brought into my life - the daily joy of having you beside me as my wife. I wonder and I hope that you can read my heart and mind, and see the love, the feelings, for the words I cannot find."

And underneath he writes

Thank you for everything, I couldn't do it without you. Love you forever - Darcy.

I cried like a baby.

So everytime I feel the need for reassurance, I'll read this card and think of all the things he does for me. It doesn't  have to be diamonds or flowers or expensive bottles of wine - it's the little things like making sure my truck is always runnig straight, making sure I'm warm when we get into his truck on a cold day by turning my seat warmers on 10 mins before we leave, and most of all for just being himself.

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08:48, Thursday 18 October 2012 .. Posted by IngStina
Awwww :-D

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07:07, Sunday 21 October 2012 .. Posted by moneypenny20
That is fricking awesome!

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