My families adventure on the road to oz via Germany

The visa is being processed

12:08, Thu 28 January 2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Hopefully we shall have our visa soon

I cant believe January is nearly over, just where is time going to i wonder.

Christmas is now just a blur its great looking back on the photos and remembering the fun we had. The kids said it was the best one ever. They didnt get a great deal of expensive pressies for a change. However being active and in the tropical pool nearly every day certainly made them happy.

At the moment our lives seem to be in limbo, unable to make plans as we are hoping by April to be on our way to Darwin.

Ive been giving a lot of thought to how i want my future plans to go. I know i want to go to uni and get a qualification that will enable me to work till i retire.

My options are do the easy route and possibibly familar route and re do my Enrolled nurse training and have a diploma after 2 years. In some ways it would possibibly be a step back as i qualified some 20 years ago as an EN

Do the degree nursing course of 3 years which would give me a long term job, the hard work dosn't put me nor does the studying but unsure if i want to go back to nursing again.

Thirdly i could do a humanitarian and welfare course lasting 3 years again i would be registered with the association of welfare workers but im not sure of the job avaliabilty at the end of 3 years studying.

Im 40 in June so no spring chicken and want to work with people and use my life expereinces as well as my current qualifications to secure a decent life for myself.

I dont think V is too keen on me going back to studying again and would rather i just get a job, so i had a look at some of the jobs that interest me and they all need formal qualifications in either nursing or welfare/social work. So either way i think going back to uni has to be done.

Not much else going on.



I passed my final exam

02:53, Tue 15 December 2009 .. 3 comments .. Link

Just seen the results on the OU website, i got a grade 4 pass, i had hoped i would get a grade 3 but a pass is a pass. So thats me got a degree, at long last.

Im just waiting for confirmation on the degree from the OU asi canged to an open degree, i need to find out if it will be the BSc or the BA. Hoping it will be the Bsc, i then have to accept the award before i get the certificate. also my last course gave me an additional certificate in health promotion.

Ive been crying with a mixture of happiness, relief and sadness that my gran wasnt alive to see me get my degree.

Im treating myself to a bailieys tonight and maybe even a take away.

Any how got to get the kids from school, back into the pouring rain.


The Visa application has left the building and is on its way to oz

11:39, Thu 12 November 2009 .. 2 comments .. Link

I could have almost kissed the girl from DHL when she picked up our precious envelope.

So this is it, police checks done, medicals done and in oz already, just waiting for the visa now.

I start voluntary work on Thursday, i will be visiting an elderly lady who lives on her own in the next village. I only visit for an hour and ive also agreed to help out at the local day centre for the eldely when they are short staffed. Im now going to body max classes on a Monday, spinning class on Wed and aqua fit on Friday. Feel happier having something to occupy me now .

Im off out shortly to take the dog for a walk as he has not had a walk for a few days due to the state of the field near us, way too boggy but as its freezing outside the ground is solid now.

Now ive just got to be paitent and wait for the medicals to be finalised and the visa to be granted. Ive got Christmas to shop for and the holiday to look forward to.

Thats all for now



Visa application has finally been finished

11:50, Thu 5 November 2009 .. 1 comments .. Link

Cant believe the application form has finally been finished, just need to photo copy it so that if anything happensand they query any of the questions then we can refer back to anything.

Going to get DHL booked for next week. Will be so glad to get this paperwork on its way to oz.

V has decided no matter how much the kids and i want to get to oz asap he still wants to wait till April. This is really bugging me as i turned down the chance to do my return to nursing course which finished in April as i did not want to delay him. But since it is his employer sponsorship that is taking us to oz i just have to accept it. Even if im freezing and hating the cold weather so much.

It seems strange to not be studying and i must admit i have been rather bored with just doing housework while the kids are at school.

Ive started a new fitness regime and my body aches so much, ive been doing aqua fit for just over a month now and have enjoyed it, so this week i also started going to a body max class on Monday, i enjoyed it but i felt stiff and sore when i finished and yesterday i did a spinning class which was the hardest work out ive had in a long time, im alll aches and pains today, tommorow its back to aqua fit. I shall give it a few more weeks before i decide if i will keep  the spinning class up.

I suppose i had better get on with tidying the living room up  

Labour Aggrement nomination has been recieved

03:19, Mon 26 October 2009 .. 2 comments .. Link

WE are slowly getting closer to a life in oz.

Im almost ready for sending the visa application off. Just got to get some copies of the data page of our passports done and have them certified. V needs to finish filling in his forms( i thought he had) then i will be booking the courier and getting them sent off asap.

I know one of the laterals has just recieved her visa today, they had theirs sent off in September so it not been too long for them.

V wants to wait till April before we move over to Darwin, but im hoping to go sooner. I suppose we will just have to wait and see how things go.


Medicals done

05:46, Wed 14 October 2009 .. 1 comments .. Link

A big sigh of relief now that the medicals have been done. Over the weekend the boys had come down with cold and high temps, so i panicked a little over if they would be well enough for the medicals. i kept them off school on Monday as a precaution and kept them topped up with cough and cold medicine , medinol and a daily multi vit. It seems to have paid off, despite the kids still having sniffles and a bit of a cough the panel Dr saif they seemed fit and healthy. My BMI was within acceptable levels.

Just waiting on the police checks coming back and a few documents need certifying then the visa application is good to go.

We have been told to expect to get the visa between 6 weeks to 4 months. Cant wait.

Its been a long day, getting up early for the drive to Hull and waiting at the hospital for what seemed like hours ( well it was hours) but since we had the xrays and medicals all done in one day it was well worth it.

WEll the kids are wanting tea now so best get in kitchen 

Studying finally finished and visa paperwork started

06:50, Tue 6 October 2009 .. 1 comments .. Link

Its been over a week since i sent off my final work for my course. Its up to the markers now, i will find out in December if i have gained a degree or not.

Since ive no more study to do ive thrown my self in to the visa paperwork, the police checks have been sent, the medicals are next week and the visa application paperwork should be finished before we go for the medicals.

Our tennets have moved out and despite not having permission they have decorated the house top to bottom very badly in colours that are simply disgusting, they must have been colour blind. On top of that they have stolen curtains, blinds, nets and even shelving that was fixed to the wall. the list goes on. We have told the agency who were managing our house to sort it out. In the meantime we have instucted a different agency to sell the house for us( once it is decorated of course).

The kids are happy to be back at school although they cant wait for us to be finally living in Australia.

My operation that i had in August is starting to show results, ive lost 2 stones so far and my BMI is now below the threashold for concern for the immigration medicals. I feel great ,have more energy and no pain when walking the kids to school. Ive even started going to Aqua fit on a Friday morning.

Once all the visa paperwork has been taken care off, i shall be starting to clear the garage and thin out all our wardrobes. I suppose you could say we are going to have a good clear out ready for oz.

Autumn is certainly here, already the dark nights and damp cold days are in abundance, will be so glad to no longer have to deal with the cold weather.




Medicals booked for next month

02:17, Thu 17 September 2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Im almost at the end of my OU course , im busy finishing my end of course assessment. ive got 4 more parts to do, should have it done by the end of next week.

Ive got all the visa paperwork printed and V will start filling them over the weekend. WE have managed to getthe medicals booked in Hull at a hospital where they organise both the medicals and the xrays.

Got some sad news today, V's aunty whom we visited in Rutherglen died yesterday. She had been poorly for a few weeks but suddenly went down hill this week. She was a fiesty old bird, i thought she was great,  getting the email letting us know this morning shook us up a bit, as we had hoped that we could have taken the boys to visit her when we arrived in oz. As i think D was a baby the last time she was in the UK. Instead when we visit Albury to see his uncle and aunt we shall put some flowers on the grave.

Ive been doing the research on Darwin and despite the fact they only have dry and wet seasons im sure we will cope. Saying that i will look forward to when we can get a posting to either NSW or Vic.

Well id best get on with some more of my assessment


The formal offer has come through

02:02, Mon 31 August 2009 .. 1 comments .. Link

Well it appears that we are off to Darwin after all, thats what the job offer says. We have also been told once he has signed the formal offer and emailed it back to them we can start filling in the visa application.

We have been told to front load the medicals and police checks. Im going to wait till October to get the medicals done. As i see my consultant who did my op in the beginning of August at the end of September. So once ive seen him i will get a letter stating im fully fit after the op to take with me.

WE are aiming now to get out to oz asap. Im not going to be doing the return to nursing course at York Uni after all. they offered me a place in January which i would not finish till June. The oz army where prepared to wait till April but any later would affect V's job offer.

Instead im going to back to basics and re do my training. I had hoped that we would of been going to Townsville as they have a graduate entry nursing degree and having contacted them once i had completed my BSc i would have been accepted at JCU. I have already contacted CDU and they dont do the graduate entry so i will have to do 3 years. But considering V will be posted there for 3 years im sure it wont be too bad.

Ive still got my current course to finish, ive been given an extention to get my 6th assignment compleated, ive made a start but having J to look after all the time its been hard to concentrate on essay writing and ensuring ive got the right research materials. Im hoping that i can get more work done later in the week. At a push i could get it finished in a few days once the kids are back to school.

Then i will have to get my end of course assignment done, this is writing up 6 topics ive covered in the course to show what ive learned. This work is in lieu of an exam. My work gets sent to 3 different markers and i get the result in December.

Ive now lost over a stone and im wearing jeans ive not worn for over a year, well pleased with that.

Im now eating soft food, like pasta salad, small tuna fish sarnies (with the crusts off). Im feeling much better about my self. Im not getting out of breath when i go for a long walk. I still feel a little tender over the operation site especially pushing a hoover around, or a full shopping trolley.

Its the kids last week of school thank god, they have been so fed up as the weather has been awful the last few weeks. this has also made studying harder.

Any how id best go as the toerag is making a loud noise in the garden.


The op went well and im feeling good

10:50, Tue 11 August 2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

The surgeon used a new method where he only need to use one incision. I came out of hospital on Saturday afternoon after i could prove i could manage to have something more than water and apple juice. On Saturday morning they offered me some yoghurt but i really struggled to swallow it. i managed about 4 teaspoons. So the nurse who had looked after me (a lovley aussie from Sydney) produced some clear chicken soup and i really struggled having more than a few mouthfulls. It was so salty, so V had some for me. I did manage to have a little more yoghurt, about 50g and i was stuffed. So eventually they let us go home.

Im bruised across my abdomen and i did look very swollen almost as if i was pregnant. thankfully the swelling is coming down now although the bruising is spreading. I have to give my self some heprin injections every morning to help prevent clots and im still wearing the sexy TED stockings.

On Sunday it was my parents ruby wedding anniversary and they were having their vows renewed, so i managed to put on a pretty dress that covered my swelling abdomen well. I also managed to get away with not wearing the 'stockings' for a few hours while we were at the church.

It was a good service and despite afterwards being surrounded by people tucking into a buffett it didn't bother me. V got me a cup of tea and we sat with my 2 favourite auntys and my great aunt and uncle. They new i was having an operation but not the details, or so i thought. It seems my mother had informed a few people i was having the band fitted. I was not impressed that she had informed other people. Not that i am ashamed or anything, its just i wanted to choose who i told.

Any how, V and my aunt C were on top form taking the mick out of me, getting lovley food and waffting it past me and saying a shame you cant eat it.

To be honest ive not felt hungry in the slightest since i had the op. On Sunday i managed to have a slimfast bottle of diet drink, for my breakfast and the remainder for my lunch. For my evening meal i tried a baby meal of veg and rice but it was truely awful, even if it was liquidised.

So im sticking to thin soup, jelly, liquidised fruit and marmite. Yesterday i managed 1/2 a weetabix mixed with warm milk and i can say it was very enjoyable, and very filling. Im drinking loads of water as i do find im thirsty more than hungry, im also having a carrot and orange juice to boost my vitamin intake.

Ive got 2 weeks on the liquid/puree stage before i go to mushy/soft food before in 4 weeks i start on solids. I will be having my first fill in 4 weeks time as well.

Yesterday i had a slow day at home, as i felt exhausted, i think going out on Sunday took it out of me.However i did manage to get through the day with no painkillers, only an afternoon nap. Today im feeling more alert , im not in pain and i dont feel so tired either. Im going to try and get a bit of work done for my assignment and maybe a litle prep for tommorow. 

Tommorow ive got my interview for my return to nurse course at York uni, then in the afternoon im meeting up with my good freind Mel before she disappers to UAE to live. Thursday im off to Scotland to be with the boys again then home again on Sunday with my family back together.

Well thats it for now, im going to enjoy a nice long drink of chilled water while i catch up on some reading.


Go for my operation tommorow

07:49, Thu 6 August 2009 .. 1 comments .. Link

Im feeling nervous now, about tommorow, but excited at the same time. I have to be in Manchester at 7am which means getting up at 4 am and being on the road by 5. V has been very supportive and after reading the information the hospital gave me on Tuesday, has agreed to follow a more healthier diet as a way of encouraging me. He has alo said he wont have any chocolate or any other goodies in front of me . Not that i eat a lot of them any way, but i think he is trying to show he cares.

V also addmitted he could do with loosing some weight himself, now that he ahs ben accepted in to the oz army.

We should get our formal offer of employment through by the end of the month. Cant do anything towards the visa till we get that.

On Wed ive got an interview for a return to nursing course at York uni, not gret timing so soon after my op, but they only have that date available, so i will just have to get on with it.

The assignment i sent off before we went to London i passed, did really well o it, so im pleased with my progress so far.

Ive got my final assignment due in at the end of the month, then i will be concentrating on my end of course assignment which is instead of an exam.

After the turmoil of last year when i was so down and had the break down, this year has so far been good. About time too i might add.

On Thursday we are off to Arran to stay with the inlaws, and after the weekend will be coming home with the boys . then it will be a case of getting the boys uniforms sorted for school, sorting out D's transport to the high school. At the same time we will be getting stuff sorted towards the visa, the medicals need to be done at the same time as the police check and all sent in with the visa, well that what we have been told by the recruiting team.

Time for a brew then i shall be packing my case and getting an early night

The oz army say YES

07:07, Thu 30 July 2009 .. 4 comments .. Link

Its just starting to sink in, it was the most stressful day i had yesterday when we were interviewed by the panel of important army bods.

When they said, V, we have a letter here we would like you to sign, as we would like to offer you a job with ARA. Once they recieve the signed letter(not allowed to sign on the day) then we shall recieve our formal offer. They have told us we will be going to either Darwin, Townsville or Brisbane. But most likly will be Darwin. We were a little disappointed that Victoria wasnt on offer. But we have no come to realise that Darwin is better than anything and it will only be for 2 years.

Most of the family and freinds we have told are happy for us, however my parents dont seem to be as thrilled as us.

Just got to sort the medicals, police check and send them in with the visa application. In 6 months we could be on our way to oz .


Right back to earth ive got another assignment to start reading up on.


A week to go till we find out if the oz army want us

01:36, Wed 22 July 2009 .. 1 comments .. Link

The nerves are starting to get twitchy its taken a long whole year from applying to finding out we had an interview. The rollercoaster has certainly been bumpy. Our freinds who were interviewed this time last year have finally got their visa through. WEll done guys.

Im trying to get my 5th assignment done before we leave for London on Tuesday, ive done the notes, just got to get it in to an essay formatt.

The house is quiet as the boys are all up on Arran now. I had a lie in this morning, the first id had in ages and my god did it feel good .

This morning i also got a letter from York Uni to say ive been shortlisted for interview for the return to nursing course that starts in October. For the first time in a while i finally feel as though things are starting to come together for us as a family.

Well im off for another brew then i shall start my assignment. Would be good if i got it finished before thsi week was finished then i can enjoy the weekend before our trip to London.


Summer holidays are nearly here

11:48, Tue 14 July 2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Last week was a good week for J, he came home with a certificate for his good behaviour, that in itself is a moment to be treasured. i think the school have finally accepted his is not deliberatly being naughty that sometimes he cant not stop his impulses. He will possibibly never be able to sit still , he will always fidgit. Since giving the school a copy of his medical report on his ADHd, thinks have got better for J and the school.

The boys all came home with school reports yesterday and im proud to say that the 2 older boy's reports were fantastic, J as usual academically was good just the other stuff needs improving on.

This time next week the boys will be on holiday on Arran , while i will be frantically getting my 5th assignment done before the London trip.

 Ive done loads of reading in prep for the interviews for the oz army, infact ive been researching oz since before i joined BE. So they cant say ive not given a lot of thought to living in oz. Shame V hasn't done as much of the research as i have , as up until the other week he didn't realise that Tasmania was a state. What a row it caused when he was reading some stuff about the states and territories, i asked him to name them and the idiot thought it was northern territories and Tasmania were the territories honestly, Would he believe me when i explained the name gives it away ie ACT and NT. Why is it some blokes wont admit they are wrong and when found out go in a huff. I had to dig out one of the many books on oz we have and show him in print what it said. I hope he sounds a little more informative at the interview. 

In reality the oz army lateral transfer is our only hope of getting to oz. After going to the Australia needs skills expo in London last month, he found out that he would not be able to get his skills assessed as an engineering manager with Engineers Australia. He spoke with the rep at the expo and showed him his career history and with out doubt he can only be assessed as an engineering technologist via the Sydney accord . Unfortunatly i dont think that is on any of the skills list for state sponsorship. He may be lucky and get an employer to sponsor him or he may by a fluke get Vic to sponsor him.

So come the 29th we will have to give the interviews our best shot.

Well id best get back to my books , ive got a boring chapter to read on how to make public health policy work.


The highs and lows in the past week

09:36, Mon 6 July 2009 .. 1 comments .. Link

Last week really has been like a rollercoaster involving the whole family.

Monday, we had a meeting at the boys school regarding J, the school are finding him difficult to cope with due to his ADHD. We had given them all the info from his previous school and have been completly honest and up front about him. We have all had to sign a behaviour management contract , including J.

Monday and Tuesday he had good days in school, Tuesday was the sports day and despite him comingin last in a few races he didn't get frustrated or angry which he usually does in those situations. I was so proud of him. D and C did well in the sports day.

Wednesday i got my 4th assignment result back and i had passed with the highest mark yet on this course, so i was delighted. When i picked J up he had not had a good day in school and wasa pain in the bum at home.

Thursday D and C represented the school in the district athletics , over all the school came first and my boys had won a lot of the races. I was so proud of them. However J had been difficult in school and at home.

Friday, J got sent home from school for his behaviour , it appears he had been discussing condoms and sex in front of a girl in his class on the Thursday and her parents had complained about my son, the teacher had also said he had been silly. He had been in school less than an hour. I picked him home and gave him the work he had to do and he got it done in 30 mins at home. So i set him some work book to do. His behaviour was fine, apart from being upset and puzzeled as to why he was sent home.

Ive asked about getting him a statement of educational need but the 'support worker' that school have arranged for us has told us that he has to have been in the school for over a year before we can apply. I think this is very wrong. If the school can't cope with him then they have to provide a support system that can help him.

In the meantime ive been in touch with a school that is specifically for children with ADHD and Autism, its residential and manages to turn its children into adults who are confident and fit in society. some of its ex pupils have gone on to university and gained PHD's, become army officers and basically have not had any problems .

The only snag is this school is residential and they only take boys on from the age of 9. They did however tell me to contact the secetary to arrange a visit as they feel they could help us. So im torn whether i should. AS i expect us to be living in oz by the time J is 9.

Saturday I was at my OU study day and J was fine, he had the occasional bout of 'bad behaviour' but nothing like what the school are complaining about.

Sunday at church J was his usual self, full of energy but not too demanding.

Today, D is on his outward bound residential trip with the school, he was so excited at what the week will hold for him. Im sure he will have a great time. Meanwhile im at home half expecting the phone to ring with the school telling me to pick him up.

It will be interesting to see if  having the eldest away, changes anything at home with the other two.

Eh well time to get some work done       

Operation is booked

02:02, Sun 28 June 2009 .. 2 comments .. Link

After seeing the surgeon on Saturday, i was very impressed. He was so informative, very through and i felt very comfortable with him. V came in with me and he too felt very happy after the consult for me to go ahead with the surgery.

I will be having the lap band done on the 7th of August, not long really. Ive stoped taking the orlistat as it has been making me feel so ill, the pain ive had in my bowels and abdomen has been awful. So the surgeon just told me to eat sensibily for till i have the operation. to cut down on the amount of sugar i take in, which to be honest is quite low any way.

I know for me this operation is giving me a chance to get my life back. I know there is a 10% failure rate, mainly people who tend to snack on biscuits and sweets. so i am making a pledge now once the op has been done i will avoid them. Ive already cut out all the choccys i love. Cant remember the last time i ate any.

My back is aching today from sitting in the car for the journey to Manchester and back, then travelling up to Durham again to get the kids yesterday.

Im cracking on already with my next lot of course work as i need to get ahead as my next assignment is due when we are in London for the interviews with the oz army.

Ive got heaps to do so best crack on


Going to see a consultant about the operation that will change my life

09:37, Tue 16 June 2009 .. 4 comments .. Link

After much thought and sleep less nights, ive finally plucked up the courage to see a consultant about having a lap band. Now V is earning again and after talking about how i feel he says lets see the man.

Im waiting to have an appointment date confirmed for 2 weeks time(they could see me this Saturday but childcare a problem).

Im going to arrange to have the operation done in August while the kids are in Scotland.

Atlhough i want to have the lap band the surgeon may decide that a bypass is more appropriate in my situation.

There has been a lot of recent research done on the merits of weight loss surgery and recent findings suggest that doing the operation either lap band or bypass is benificial to obese people who are in the >30-35 band, especially those who have metabloic syndrome, which i have.

The Dr ive already spoken to has told me although im under the bmi of 35 threshold i can still have the op. It looks like im pre diabetic and this op will help prevent me developing diabetes type 2.

I know its going to be expensive but my body cant cope with being the weight i am, the aching joints and being out of breath is really getting me down.

I feel both excited and nervous about finally being able to achieve my normal weight for my height.

WEll got to get on with studying ive got an assignment to prepare for

oz army medical passed yeeha

09:37, Thu 11 June 2009 .. 1 comments .. Link

V send his medical report from the cardiologist to the oz army earlier this week, got an email today saying, medical passed no need for wavier. Then it goes on to say, i suggest you start researching living in Australia, schools, life style etc, as well as investigating how your spouse can have their qualifications transfered. They also suggested we think about a back up plan if we are not accepted. So i think we have ticked all the suggestions they have made so far. We have been researching australia now since 2006

We have both been jumping up and down at just getting the good news that the medical is passed. We still have the medicals to do for the visa but that wont be as detailed as the one V has had to do.

V also got an invited to the Australia needs skills expo in London this month. He will go along as Engineers Australia will be there and he can get the low down on getting his skills assessed. After all we want to make sure all angles are covered.

Right back to the books



Where does time go?

01:04, Mon 8 June 2009 .. 2 comments .. Link

As another birthday is passed and im another year older, i wonder where the year has gone. This time last year i was preparing for an exam and living in Germany, i was struggling with my life and coping with all sorts of stress which culiminated in a breakdown in the summer holidays. At the time i thought my life would never improve and was in such a negative cycle. Here i am a year one , feeling much stronger and happier and wondering why it all went wrong last year. One important lesson i have learnt about my self is im not super woman, i cant do it all and at times i do need help.

I m enjoying studying again, im plodding on, im not getting fantastic results but im passing my assignments and if i continue as i am i will pass the course and gain my BSc. This something last year i thought was beyond my reach, i thought id blown it, but taking time to reasses the situation i realised i could still get a degree.

Next month is an important one for the family, we will find out if our plan to emigrate to Australia via the army lateral transfer scheme is a viable one. We hope and pray it is , but if its not we know what steps we have to take to reach that goal. It may take longer to get to oz but we will one day be able to call australia home.

Since moving back to the UK my parents seem to have taken a back seat in my life, they have made no effort to visit us and see where we are living. They never call to see how we are doing unless they have something to tell me. Thats fine by me. Once over i felt rejected when i saw just how much my parents ran after my sister and her children when they arrived. Now i think so what. weather my parents are adjusting to life with out my family in preperation for us going to oz i really dont know.

As my gran used to tell me you only have one life so go out and life it. So we are, we have no intention of living in the UK permanently.

I hope that i will be celebrating my 40th birthday in Australia, ive also told V that for our 20th wedding anniversary (July 2010) we will renew our vows, i picture doing this on a beach with our oz family and freinds sharing a special moment in our lives.

As i grow older i tend to find my self reflecting on what ive done in my life and what i still want to achieve. There is so much i still want to do, but for now getting my degree and getting back into nursing are my 2 imediate goals. V being accepted into the oz army will just be the icing on the cake.

Well id best get back to my books , as i still need to work hard to get through this course.


Another hurdle crossed starting to feel as if oz is in reach now

09:56, Mon 1 June 2009 .. 1 comments .. Link

Fri V went for his cardio referal and had his cardio risk assessment. The consultant made our day when he said your heart is very healthy and there is no risk of any heart problems. As for the cholestrol levels they need no medication and are not a health issue. He is sending the report to V so it can then be scanned and email to the oz army 

It was the best news we have had for a long time. With the interview being next month for the oz army for the first time in ages we both feel as though we are in with of a chance of being accepted and finally emigrating to oz.

Many of our friends who have gone through the army lateral transfer have said the interview is the easy bit. So lets hope that we have no more hurdles to climb and its a straight road from now on.

I finally got a 2nd person to give me a reference as well so now i can get my application form filled in to do the return to nurse course starting in October.

Any way got to crack on with my course work, my next assignment is due in , in 28 days time. Sounds like i have ages, but when i consider how much reading i have to get through let alone understand it then it will be here before i know it.



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