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Thinking of doing the unthinkable and putting my kids into a private school

04:24, Tue 2 November 2010 .. 2 comments .. Link

The kids have been at their respective schools now about 41/2 months now and we are just not happy with the education they are getting. My 10 year old is the one who is suffeing the most as he is so bright and way ahead of everyone else in the class if not the school. He was placed in a 3/4/5 year group class, he is a year 5 and he is helping the other kids in the class with their work as otherwise he gets bored. He has started to switch off in class now because he is not being challanged, we have asked repeatedly for him to go in  another year group or to be given harder work. Neither is happening. He is not wanting to go to school anymore and sees no point. The youngest also at the same school is also unhappy, even though he is now on medication for his ADHD and is showing he is capable of much harder work, they are still treating him like a younger child. He is coming home most days upset saying he hates it and he wishes he was back at his last school.

The eldest is happier at his school but im not happy at how the kids and staff swear so much and how poor his timetable is. D hates changes and when  suggest we might be sending him to a local private school which has a christian ethos and a much better education standard, he went off on one. When he calmed down he told me he hates having to make new freinds.

Iv been in touch wih the school that i would like the boys to go to and they have spaces for all 3 and their fees  which i was shocked at wernt as expensive as i thought. under 7K a year for all 3 which i think is affordable, especially if i get a job. Be a real struggle on one wage, but im personally prepared to go with out for my kids to recieve a more acceptable standard of education.  

I never thought i would ever put my kids in private school but the system up here in NT is apalling, very low standards which is worrying when you want a good education for your kids, especially when we could be moving around in a few years time with V's job.  

I had an interview for a job at a homeless center run by St vinnies, i got a good feeling about it and i will find out this Friday if i have got the job. I so hope i have as i loved the centre it had a real buzz about it and being the assistant supervisor will give me just enough responsibility to make the job a challenge. 

Apart from the schooling issues everything else seems to be going resonable well for us up here in Darwin  

Asperger's / ADHD

09:33, Wed 20 June 2012 .. Posted by milli
Hi, was reading from your link in ex pats. Thanks for sharing your story. It really helped. I was wondering if you had any problem at the medical stage of visa. My son has Asperger's and his meds are showing as referred. I provided them with plenty of reports / paperwork. At this stage they haven't asked for anything extra. Can you advise what might happen next?

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01:49, Fri 22 June 2012 .. Posted by geordie mandy
I was lucky in that my son did not have a proper diagnosis while we where in the Uk i kept being told he was borderline ADHD and as i could not a firm diagnosis when we went for the medicals i did mnetion it to the dr and he said as we had no written documents on a diagnosis then there would be no issues. My husband also mentioned it to his new employers at interview and they told us once we got to oz to persue a diagnosis then and we would get support . this is what we did. I hope you get passes on the medicals it is a lottery in oz on treatment and school support for special needs and you do have to fight for it. Good luck

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