My families adventure on the road to oz via Germany

We made it to Darwin and wow its great

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Thought id best up date the blog, since we have been here just ove 5 weeks.

It certainly been an adventure, we left Scotland on the 7th of June the day after my 40th, feeling both nervous , scared, and excited. We flew fom Glasgow to London, first time the kids had flown and they loved it.

we arrive in London and stayed in a four star hotel, thanks oz army. However we only ate breakfast there as it felt too posh for us. We exlored London a little between rain storms. Found a nice restaurant nearby which id great food and wasnt expensive.

After V signed on the dotted line for the oz army we got ourselves ready for the flight business class on Qantas that night to Singapore.


The flight was fantastic and the kids were spoilt rotten by the crew. They tried to cater for our youngest and his dairy intolerence. The tour company who booked everything had claimed they were ensuring that J was catered for.

I was ill unfortunatly on the flight, with vomiting, not sure if there was a problem with my lap band or not, but during our 2 night stopover i was unable to keep anything down that was solid.

Singapore was very humid, but so clean and the people were very freindly and full of smiles. We did the night tour of the night zoo with the boys on the last night.

I wish i had been feeling well as  really did want to make the most of our stop over. But ony being able to take fluids meant i had so little energy.

We arrived in Darwin at 4.30 on saturday the 12th of June to temps of 25 c. We were met by V's new boss/collegue, we had a hire car ready for us an we followed his car which had all of our luggage.

We were taken to the Marrakai apartmets and were on the 15th floor, its was a 2 bedroomed selfcateing apartment. The view was amazing, the city scape and Darwin harbour just blew me away after such a long trip . J and i saw the sunrise and h thought it looked just like one of my oz/nz magazines w had been reading for the past few years.


After about 2 weeks we moved into our new home, with hire furniture , the dog arrived the day we move in, my family was altogether agan.


We bought a new Kia sportage for less than the cost of some of he 2nd hand cars we saw. We now have broadband, and telephone and are just wating for the satilite system to be installed, this is all through Telstra, not our choice but since the house is new and is plummed for telstra, then we are stuck with them.

The kids started school today, (we arrived just before the 4 week hols started), i walked them to school then finally got my NT driving licence sorted, which meant i could then activate the new mobile i bought on the weekend.

i had the use of the car today, but i find driving for 5 mins a waste, although it does take 15 mins to walk, im sure if it gets too hot i will get the car out of the garage  

Our home phone wasnt working o has been sent away for repair so i had to get a phone lol.

Any way im off for some lunch, then will get sorted out before i get the boys from school    


Sounds great

03:03, Tue 20 July 2010 .. Posted by IngStina
So happy for you and your family that all's well so far, all the best for your future adventures in life.


Untitled Comment

12:57, Wed 21 July 2010 .. Posted by moneypenny20
So pleased it's gone so well. Could it be that the band expanded on it's own due to the pressurisation of the plane? Chip packets do, ankles do, maybe lap bands do as well?

You know what....

01:34, Thu 29 July 2010 .. Posted by BEVS
..I have followed you quietly along the way and I am so pleased for you and your family.

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