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The ozzies have landed

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This weekend V's aunt and uncle from Albury arrived, they are staying with family in Durham, so we arranged for V's parents to come and stay with us for the weekend. Things did not go to plan however. Friday on the way down the car broke down, they were very lucky not to have had an accident, the wheel bearings went and the back tyre nearly came off while they were doing 60mph on the motorway. they phoned V up while we were in tesco's doing the shopping. So V drove nearly 2 hours to where they were. Luckily he found a garage that could recover them. however this meant that V had to drive them to ours and the car would not be ready till today(mon). They had plans for going out to visit loads of the older family members along with the ozzies. So thinking on our feet new plans had to be made.

So yesterday with the car packed with 3 generations we drove to meet up with the ozzies for lunch. After the initial greeting and photos the kids got bored with the older folk reminising. Its 20 + years since my FIL has seen his brother so they had a lot to catch up on. Our original idea was the inlaws would have their car so after lunch we could have taken the kids and left the oldies to it. However in the end a whole day was spent together in a smallish cottage while it chucked down with rain and 3 boys were complaining they were bored. When it eventually stopped raining the kids were taken to the local park.

When it was time to go it was so poignant when the sister in laws said goodbye as they both knew it may be the last time they would see each other. The brothers both being proud men had tears in their eyes as they hugged. Both V and I had lumps in our throats. WE are just so glad we made it possible for them to meet up.

Today V has set off with his parents to reunite them with their car as they make their way back up to Arran. WE presented his parents with a cd copy of all the photos that were taken yesterday. WE will see his parents in July when the kids go to stay on Arran while we are inteviewed by the oz army.

AS for the ozzies, V is taking them to their next destination on Friday when they visit more family in Derbyshire .

V's aunt has told us she has a bottle of wine with our names on for when we get to oz. Bless them they want us over there as much as we want to be there.

So a hectic weekend is over and normaility is resuming, im back to the books to work on another assignment. Thankfully this one i know what im doing so im not winging it lol.

I just hope that there is a god and he will make sure we do finally get to emigrate to oz.

Well back to the books


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