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Mothers day

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Once a gain a day filled with memories of my gran. We all went to church this morning, there was a christening on of  2 children, a lovley service. Although D was babtised as Cof E the service was very different to how i remember his christening. AS the vicar from this church had vouched for us on D's application to sfx, it was only right that we should up hold the promise and go to her church. It was a very welcoming place, which was good as the kids were a little nervous. C is methodist like my self so things felt strange for him a few little changes than the methodist church we last attended. J went out to junior church and made me a lovley mothers day card and posy. D was a little miffed at having to go to church seen as we have now found out that he cant get a place at sfx as it is full in his year group. WE could appeal to the govenors of the church but to be honest as we have been non practising church goers for a long time i didn't think we stood a chance, against the kids who go every week and were confirmed c of e.

Hopefully we can still get in at either  Richmond or Bedale High.

Any how back to mothers day, V was not organised at all, all i asked for were some nice flowers , no choccys. AS he left it till the last minute with the boys the shops had no flowers. So when i woke up on Sunday morning to a plate of cold jam and toast (at least they tried) and a cuppa, i was presented with a sweeping brush, ( i was very diplomatic and said thank you to the boys whilst giving V the look), the boys had made lovley cards for me, which really made it special. i go choccys and a cd (take that circus) so i could grumble about that. i then asked V what he was cooking for my special dinner, he replied pizza from the take away. I must confess i was starting to feel a little annoyed at him, he had been told that i would not be cooking and i expected either for him to make an effort and cook a proper meal from scratch like i do and like my dad does for my mam. If he could not so that then to make sure he knew a place to take us for a meal out. AS usual it was lasr minute dot com. I ened up on the lap top looking for some where to go, but when we got there it was fully booked up. so we drove round till we eventually found somewhere that could cater for the 5 of us.

I think V realised he had been useless as usual at organising something special.

I keep thinking back to days gone by when mothers day was a time for kids to show how much they appreciated the mother/ granmother of the family. Last year we were in Germany and it felt strange as it was only 3 months since my gran had died. I still thought of her and wanted to put flowers on her grave, but V didn't fancy the drive up just for that. hmm!

I spoke to my mum and told her that a card was on its way, i had asked V to post them last week, he eventually posted them on Saturday. I suppose despite me studying and him being bored and watching day time tv is a good excuse for nothing getting done.


Any way enough of the whinging, V is on his way down south as he has an interview tommorow assessing the young soldiers for NVQ's. Im not too sure how things will pan out if he gets offered the job, as he would have to live down there in furnished accomadation ( if he can find any) and  i would need a car for getting around here. so financially i dont think we would be better off. Once again he would be home late friday and leaving on Sunday afternoon. Im not sure i fancy living like that again even if it is only for a few months till he can get another job closer to home.   

I do feel for V he is fed up with hardly any positive replies from the jobs he is applying for. It hasn't helped that our estate agents in charge of the house we rent out havent paid the rent for last month. WE have phoned, text, emailed and short of using carrier pigeon have used every means possible to find out why the rent has not been paid in to the bank. AS our funds are extreemly low, which is why V has gone for an interview so far south.

Well id best get this assignment finished before i get a telling off from my tutor    

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