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Back in the UK and wishing we were in oz

09:34, Wed 4 March 2009 .. 1 comments .. Link

Finally found time to up date the blog.

The house is lovley and the estate is quiet, neighbours lovley. Kids are happy at their new school and have settled in really well. Despite only being 45 mins away from Durham my parents have still not been to visit our new home. It was J's 7th birthday today and not even a card from them although they phoned this morning while he was still in bed.

I made a bananna bread cake and used roll out icing on and got candles that spelt his name . He was well impressed.

The boys now go to beavers, cubs and scouts and love it. its such a relief to see my boys happy.

V still hasn't got a job lined up and money is tight, so much so that we havent managed to sent of the engineers australia stuff to go matilda yet. Will have to wait for V's pension money to come through next month.

Im enjoying my new course and feeling confident doing it. Ive got my first assignement due in on the 12th but im still catching up with the reading and course work. Cant be helped what with moving and having not internet for a few weeks made it difficult.

The only problem we are having is D got turned down for a place at Richmond school although we can appeal. The put his name down for a local school which is under emergency measures for failing its students. No way is D going to that school. WE have today recieved a prospectus from the local catholic/coe school which we had as second choice. So we are going to try and get him in there. As he new freind at his current school will be going there to.

Not much more to add, apart from i cant believe the snow we have had in catterick. I hate the cold and long for the warmth of oz.

Its V's 40th tommorow , then C's 9th birthday on Sunday so if the weather is ok we are off to the south lakes zoo in the lake district on Saturday. Going to church on sunday to the place we got C and J christened.

Its strange living on the edge of the garrison and no longer part of the army, its strange having V home all the time, well its only been 3 weeks. Saying that family is good.

Well thats it for now. 


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04:15, Tue 10 March 2009 .. Posted by herrchook
I'm soooo happy for you guys that the boys are settling well and are happy. I hope V has a great 40th - got any special plans?

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