My families adventure on the road to oz via Germany

I really needed that holiday it was great

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WE all had a great time in Holland at the Center Parcs at Loohurst

It wasn't as busy as the one we were at fro christmas last year, the pool wasn't as good (at least that it what the kids thought)

But we all needed a break and made the most of it. the kids found the Dutch signs hilarious trying to prounounce words in a pretend Sean Connery voice.

It was good to just have fun. the pool tired both me  and V completly, after the first day in the pool, we managed to get the kids in bed before 8 and we were asleep before 9.

Our freinds came by train and v met them at Eindhoven, so we could show them around. WE had a lovely meal at the resort family grill restaurent. Ive never seen the kids eat so much.

Our holiday home was near a lake with a load of ducks and J managed to mimic the duck call and had them following him every where. He kept singing here comes the ducks yeah (think the song here comes the girls and you get the picture).

On the day before the holiday finished we went to vist our freinds in Amsterdam, following the trusty satnav. Mel lives not far from the city center above a row of shops so parking was a bit of a problem.

the flat was very modern and it felt homely, Mel and her mum took us on the tram which the kids thought was brill having never been on one, J in particular was amazed by it. Ive never known him be so quiet.

Once in the town center we had a trip on a canal boat. The boys have been on the boat trip around York before, but for them this was so much better , it was a case of look at this look at that, 3 very excited boys.

Afterwards we had Dutch hotdogs, yummy. followed by a walk around the main area.

All in all a brill day. Thanks Mel and Margaret for such a wonderful day in your company 

WE got back to Loohurst late at night, and 3 very sleepy boys had soup and buns and went straight to bed.

Last Friday we got back in time to get sorted for trick and treating. V took J around for 30 mins and the older 2 were with the freinds with discreet parents watching. ( the boys like to think they were on their own) Both boys ended up at different halloween sleep overs . so it was a quiet night for us.


The weekend , saw me catching up on the washing.

V left for Switzerland on the Sunday and i must say ive missed him so much.

Thankfully he is back late tonight.

This week has not been great, ive had a bug and have spent most of it in bed. D now has the bug and has had yesterday and today off school. the  today J complained of a poorly tummy, so i took pity on him and told him to stay in bed. I must of fallen asleep for a couple of hours and when i woke up D informed me the J had been mucking around and been a right pest, so the little toerag had pretended to be ill. If i wasn't feeling so shattered myself i would have took him back to school.

Whilst all this has been going on, we have had contact with the Murray regional board, they are going to see Thales to find out if there is a job avaliable for V and sponsorship is possible.

So thats all that is happening with us. time for a cuppa

Glad you had a good break

04:57, Sat 8 November 2008 .. Posted by Littletoe
Hope you keep the relaxed feeling for a while longer!

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