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Feeling disappointed

10:11, Thu 17 April 2008 .. 2 comments .. Link

What a month ive had. The first 2 weeks were spent in the UK and too be honest i didn't enjoy it as much as i thought i would. It was very stressful as my parents. Despite my parents having a 5 bed house, it was so cluttered with crap that it was clostropobic. WE spent 3 days in Durham trying to sort out the estate agent our tenant has not been paying the rent ontop of the utillities bill he had not payed. WE then went up to Scotland and the weather was so cold and miserable we were all cooped up with my inlaws. Normally i get on great with them but there was a tension in the house as the slightest thing the boys did they were chastised for. Im normally strict with them but it was ridiculous the things they were getting wrong for.

We then returned back to my parents and stayed 2 further nights. We could not wait to leave the UK i never got the studying done i needed to do as the promised time to use the computers at both my parents and inlaws was extremly limited. So i had to ask for an extention on my K309 course (first assignment) not a good start.

i got my results back from my 6th assignment on K202 and had got a low mark despite all the effort i had put into it. So was really down about that.

Our friends from the UK had travelled back with us (in their car) for 10 days. They stayed in our room where i have my'study area' and that proved more difficult than i thought it would. they are lovley people a mother and daughter and we have had a great time with them. But i had expected them to visiting lots of places around Paderborn so that i could study while they were out. The daughter however didn't get up most days till after 11am. So i managed to get my assignement done in one session last week. They went out for the day only as i had the cleaner coming in. It was bliss to have space and time on my own to study. However it was not long enough as my result reflected. i failed my assignment. Im extremly dissapointed and have a dragging feeling in my stomach. Perhaps ive taken on too much trying to get my degree. Maybe academia is not for me.

Well ive got to crack on with my k202 course now as ive got an assignment due in 10 days time ARGH!!

Oh yeah our oz application to the army got send back. The numpties claimed we had not had the documents signed etc. But if they had looked on the back of the docs they would have seen the stamps and sigs. After much emails to them they agreed they had cocked up and for us to send them back again with a covering note. So lets hope we have no more problems.


11:42, Thu 17 April 2008 .. Posted by Littletoe
don't be hard on yourself! How could you possibly concentrate on your paperwork with all the distractions? Did you get feedback about what was wrong with it? If not, make sure you do. Just take it as a learning curve, no one gets perfect results all time. I'm sorry your holiday wasn't great, I can totally empathise though, staying with parents and inlaws is simply not fun. There will never be enough space and there will always be too much clutter! Groan! You're dealing with a lot right now, so take it easy on youself and if you need help - ask! Take care.


01:50, Sun 1 June 2008 .. Posted by crazyorangeone
Just been reading your blog and wanted to say sorry. I'm usually so much more active when I'm away, just work had been really bad before I came to visit and motivating mam to go out when I was up was hard work. I'm sorry for any part I played in you getting a bad mark in your assignment.

But, I do want to say something Mandy, ok, I'm going into teacher mode now: which is that you do have the ability and although you find some aspects of academia challenging, don't give up! I know you can do it and with your determination you'll suceed. My only concern is that pehaps doing 2 courses at once is a bit much I know I would struggle to keep up. You have to give yourself time to relax in life else we run out of steam and our health suffers and we also don't end up doing as well as we might otherwise have done.

Finally, I would like to say thank you, thank you for having us and also thank you for giving me the encouragement and confidence to go for the job in Amsterdam. I really do hope you, V and the boys make it to visit me during the summer. I'd love to show you all Holland and in particular to take the boys to the monkey park and Efteling which I know they'd love.

Lots of love

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