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Fathers day and other special days

09:52, Sun 17 June 2007 .. 0 comments .. Link

Hope fully this will be the last time my kids wont be able to give their dad a hug for fathers day. For the past 5 years my kids have missed on celebrating with their dad the special day.

V has had a miserable day today, not just cos he is away, but cos he has cracked ribs and loads of bruising. He went go karting with the lads at work and his competitive streak kicked in and he hurtled him self around the track resulting in him hurting himself. I wish i could be with him to make it all better. At least he can have time to recouperate before we all see him again.  

In the time V has been away on postings with the army away from home, as a family we have missed so much. Mothers day is normally forgotton about, as the kids will make a card only if the school allow them to. V has missed countless birthdays despite trying his best to be home for them.

This year was the first time V has seen a sports day, i always video the christmas play and all the other special events in the kids lives.

My parents still find it hard to understand why i want to sell our house and move to Germany , taking the kids away from what they describe as a settled life.

AS i told my dad today when he called in for his card, we are leaving to be a family again, a proper family where V can see the kids do plays and run races, he can be there for when a tooth falls out or some one scrapes a knee. Ive grown weary of trying to be both parents at the same time. It has been hard for me having 3 boys to give them the rough play that only a dad can do.

The kids are really missing their dad right now as the last time they saw him was at Whit and by the time he comes home in July  it will have been nearly 2 months since he was home.

I feel for my friend who has the responsibility for her 2 boys on her own now since she lost her husband.

I find it hard but i know i have light at the end of the tunnel now. I know she does an amazing job and will continue to do so.

It was strange not giving my granda his fathers day card today, i do think of him, especially on special days like this. Before i leave for Germany, i ve got an angel in my garden that im going to leave by his grave. It was one i bought when David died im sure he wont mind me leaving it with granda.

Well im going to have have a whiskey and ginger and raise a glass to the dads who aren't with their kids

Happy Fathers day


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