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Saturday, November 17, 2007 - LA Auto show 2007: In pictures

 Yesterday  I went to the Los Angeles Auto show at the convention center  in downtown. It's only about a 15 mile drive to the convention center from where I live and the entrance was $8 with a coupon from 7/11, plus $5 parking. Not a bad day out looking at the various cars on show. There were cars you see on a daily basis such as Toyota, Nissan, Ford, BMW, Mercedes. The problem with living in LA is that it's so affluent that there is nothing at the car show that you haven't seen driving along on a pretty much daily basis, especially on the West side where I live. Hummers, top of the line Mercedes, BMW, even Bentleys and Ferrari's are quite commonplace here in Los Angeles. I guess you do get to sit in many at the show, apart from the concept vehicles and vehicles over $100,000.

For me the vehicle that stuck out was the Chrysler Nassau, it just seemed so innovative compared to the regular Hondas, Fords and Chevy's. Conversely the new Jaguar XF was just as disappointing in real life as the pictures I had seen. No sleek lines, innovation or style. Jaguar has neither tied it's design back to older classics nor have they pushed the envelope with something that looks new and exciting. The result is a boring little car that looks like a cross between a Ford and a Saab.

As an Englishman I also noticed the 'new' Mini Clubman, The Mini booth was quite busy espcially with the launch of the Clubman. Quite annoying that British industry had to hand over an icon of 60's British design to BMW and 'The Germans'.

After about 4 hours looking around and since I am not currently in the market for a new car  I finally had enough. As I departed I could not help think to myself that beneath the polished exteriors, sleek displays, marketing and some very pretty spokeswomen that were literally model material...................... $25,000 or $200,000 a car is a bloody car.                                                                                 



Camaro Concept

Chevy Volt

Chrysler Nassau

Dodge Viper


Ford F-450


Jaguar XF

Jay Leno's Corvette

Aston Martin DB

Mercedes SLR

Mini Clubman


Pontiac sports

Porche Hybrid 1905

Rolls Royce


VW concept van


Audi concept

Mercedes Bling Car


BMW Classic Sports

Cadillac Escalade

Convention Center South Hall

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