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Monday, August 27, 2007 - Made my name and fame and boodle ( nearly)

So after leaving the shores of the motherland  20 years ago, the journey is almost complete. It's something I have'nt rushed into, and  for a brief time thought  might not happen, due to some youthful exuberance that came back to haunt me. Next month in a ceremony in downtown Los Angeles I will become an American.

I applied for citizenship last December and after biometrics on the 26th of December ( that's Boxing Day to you Britishers) was summoned for my interview and test in July 2007.

I was mostly concerned about the US goverment and history test which is part of the interview, so I diligently downloaded the 100 questions, of which 10 would be asked , and revised for the month or so after I got my notice.

I was under the false impression that I needed to get 8 out of 10 correct, it's actually 6. When was the constitution adopted? Who is the current Attorney General? 

I actually got 10 out of 10 correct on the actual day of the interview, the lady was a quite nice Chinese American who confirmed my name, social security number, made sure I was not a habitual drunkard or a member of the communist party and various other questions. Then came the question, have you ever been arrested? No, I confirmed confidently.

The lady looked puzzled and informed me that I had been arrested and convicted of an infraction some years ago, my case would be placed under review and I would need to send a copy of the court documents and police record of my arrest from LAPD, before they would consider my application.

I scratched my head and remembered a vague incident where I had been taken to the police station after someone I was a passenger in a car was pulled over. The cop had given me a hard time after I got out of my seat despite him ordering me to stay put. After getting the wrong information from immigration who sent me to LAPD I was informed it was actually a CHP ( of Eric Estrada fame) arrest, the records had been destroyed as it was a minor infraction in 1993 that I had been fined the sum of $31 for resisting a police officer, which I had totally forgotten about and also thought I only had to list felonies, of which I have non beleive it or not.

After 3 days of misinformation between Immigration, LAPD and CHP I sent the required documents back to immigration and last week received a congratulatory letter confirming my acceptance for U.S. Naturalization with a zee. I have an oath ceremony to attend next month just shy of my 43rd birthday after arriving a fresh faced 22 year old some years ago. I'm mostly doing it for practical purposes as my 2 sons are born in the US.

Thanks Uncle Sam, I guess? Oh yeah and it's 1787 and John G. Roberts

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