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Sunday, August 12, 2007 - Coach Lobster Legs

I've been a soccer ( football) player since I was about 6 years old and like many British men have always had interest in the sport, both in a playing and watching capacity.

About 4 months ago I  stepped in a pothole while playing and twisted my ankle, I didn't play on it for a few weeks and let the swelling go down and hoped the ankle was okay. 3 weeks ago I suffered a recoccurence of the injury, again while playing soccer.

I was a little frustrated as I was playing 3 times a week and my fitness and conditioning seemed to be getting better in addition to trips to the gym.

Realising that my playing days are probably numbered considering that I am 42 and have a few injuries including my hamstring in addition to the ankle ligaments I decided it was time to do something I have been considering for a while, take a coaching coarse with a view to teach kids.  I also have 2 little boys who I hope will get into the game when they are ready, they are both a little young at nearly 4 years and 21 months.

I decided I'd take a CalSouth course which will give me a California license to coach kids, the license starts with an 'E' license and increases in stature with a D, C, D and the highest level A license which is a FIFA national license.

This weekend I spent Saturday and Sunday at a California college at my course learning the tactics, rules, mehods and philosophy of a game that I thought I knew well. The instructor on Saturday was a South African and Sunday's instructor was English, the class was composed of about 35 men and 5 women from all over Southern California and included a couple of Irish guys and another Englishman. The lessons were at a college about 40 miles inland from the cooler beach climate that I live in and am used to and consisted of two 8 hour days with amixture of class instruction and field training sessions and the tempereatures hit nearly triple degrees Farenheit, however I thought I was quite used to the sun as I play often.

After getting homefrom Saturday's course after being in the sun for a few hours I came home with very burnt, red sore legs which were very uncomfortable at today's course but I did find the lectures and clinic very useful in how to get players used to thinking about the tactics and dynamics of a game that I thought I knew quite well.

So I'm now a fully licensed football coach after a weekend of learning in addition to much suffering and pain. All I have to do now is find some young minds on a willing team so that I can impart the vast knowledge gleaned from watching the football powerhouse that is Birmingham City.............. and wait for my legs to heal, pass the aloe vera please.







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