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the highs and lows of information

04:58, Wednesday 4 March 2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

we seem to have been on a rollercoaster finding out as much as we can in the time so far.

It transpires that we can use the equity in our house as proof of funds which will at least start the ball rolling. And then we find that we can land and then come home and have a couple of years to sell the house, find a job etc and move. Just got to time it all right and keep reading as much as possible. Also, some entries in the discussion forum are from people who are unhappy in Canada, mainly by the winter, which is sad but I guess I need a balanced view. Also, theres this sodding crappy economic climate everywhere.....

At least I havent chickened out of this idea as I have done in the past. Maybe I am getting braver, maybe its just the right time at last.

Anyway, we have printed the forms for FSW and decided that we rather fancy Nova Scotia as a destination, architecture is rather like Key west or as close as I can hope to find it, and the summers there seem to be good. I just dream of a wrap around deck for summer!

Anyway, we have decided that we will try to do a recce trip this year but have some serious exams cash to shell out so we are saving hard, for the first time in years.

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the highs and lows of information


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