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11:00, Saturday 21 February 2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

We have finally decided that it may be out time and that we can make this happen and move to canada. Initially felt very excited when discovered my profession on the LIST but then excitement evaporated when we did further investigation and discovered that we need either a job offer or a large sum of cash.

Naturally we can sell the house but we wanted to rent it out.... I am not sure I am ready to sell this house yet as I love it and if we cant emigrate then I would have sold my house as well.... maybe I am being too negative.

Also we dont undertstand yet if we need to sell the house or have the job offer before we can apply for visas... need to do more research.

We so want to move to Canada, to finally realise my 17 year old dream.

Last night hubby decided to see if he could transfer his job, who knows. Such early stages its hard to know what to do first and what not to do.

Perhaps we need an immigration consultant........

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