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I'm still miserable after 6 years

i moved to canada in 2009 with my dad and sister. i felt like it was just a long holiday and that i would move back in 7 years time after i graduated but i don't know if i should. i barely know my family anymore since I've only been back once which was only for 2 weeks in july 2012. the only people I've only seen a handful of family member since I've left. i dont fit in, in canada at all and I'm so miserable being alone all the time. I've never once fit in here at school. i was planning on going to college from january 2017 to january 2019 and then move back. should i? how is living in england? is newcastle nice? would i manage moving back? what would you do?

[ 04:44 ] [ Wednesday 11 November 2015 ] [ 0 Comments ] [ Link ]

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