I do not want to move to au

02:20, Monday 7 September 2015 .. 2 comments .. Link

I do not want to move to australia

02:22, Monday 7 September 2015 .. Posted by slimat69
Hello, my wife and 11 month year old want to move to australia after only visiting for 2 months this year. Her sister and 2 kids moved to Perth 2 years ago and ever since they moved, they Skype my wife on a daily basis to tell her to move out there. Her sister can convince her quite easily!!! She applied for citizenship without fully talking to me about it. Now she wants to go there and start up a life close to her sister in australia. We both have our whole family in the UK and I do not want my son to not fully know his grandparents and my sister and close cousins. I have a sales job in the UK and we both have a house in a nice area in london. To up and leave is very hard as I am not guaranteed a job and income in australia. We constantly argue about moving, even her parents have said go. (I guess as there other daughter is there it will make them happy) my wife keeps saying she is going for our son to have a better life, but as he is 11 months old I do not think she should use him as an excuse, she says I am being selfish and not wanting the best for our child. What am I going to do????????????


12:41, Tuesday 8 September 2015 .. Posted by BEVS
What you have here is a kind of journal. A Blog.

What you need to do is ask the question on the BE open forums

all the best BEVS

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I do not want to move to au


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