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Just when you think it's safe to come out of the water........

Posted on Sunday, December 4, 2005 at 7:00 AM

 This isn't what I planned on writing today. I have been remiss in my blogging and had intended to sit down and speak of something else, but my intention was overcome by events. Yesterday I had done something that I haven't done for ages-I spent the day doing what I wanted to do instead of doing things I had to do. Weekdays  are so screwey schedule wise that I usually have to do the majority of my haus frauing on the weekends. However I had an appointment with my hairdresser yesterday morning and I decided to take care of some odds and ends of things that I had made a mental list of.

 I got to my hairdresser's five minutes early and saw that the house was still all shuttered up. Ted has his shop in the front room of his house which is in a somewhat dodgy neighboorhood. Here and there are houses on the street that have been renovated and some that haven't and I'm not sure they can been, probably only fit for demolition. Anyway I sat down on his front porch after ringing the bell sure that he was just getting himself some coffee. 15 minutes, nothing, so I use my cell phone to call his shop. It's a bit silly since I am less than 10 feet away from his business phone, except I'm outside and it's inside and I can hear myself talking on his answering machine. 15 more minutes-nothing. I sit down again, glad that I had worn a jacket and socks since it was still in the 40s I get up and knock on the shutters covering the front door-nothing-15 more minutes and I ring his shop phone again. I sit and wait. I get up and try knocking on the brass mail slot which makes more noise than the shutters. Nothing. I sit down and wonder if I had misunderstood the date or the time for my appointment or perhaps he had gotten called away for an emergency-although he is always good about changing his message to reflect that. I ring the phone again-nothing. I sit down and decide to "clean out" my cell phone of calls in and out and program in some more numbers. By now I have been there 75 minutes and nobody else has showed up for an appointment. So I decide to leave and drive off. I thought I would leave a message but this time leave my cell number just in case. Sure enough the phone rings-it's Ted-he had a bad cold and cough and after being up half of the night had taken some cold medicine that knocked him out and did I want to come back. I did, since he is a good 45 minute drive from my house and I was looking like a sheep dog. Haircut done and I went off on my other junkets-price a window replacement ( I want a garden window to replace my one window in the kitchen) the hardware store  (we needed a wheel barrow and shovel and fork) and nursery ( I'm seeking plants suitable for a woodland garden). I had just gotten home and fixed myself a belated lunch when my phone rang and it was my Mom.

  We often talk on Saturdays, and I HAD rung her while waiting at Ted's but no answer. I didn't leave a message because she can't get seem to get the hang of how to listen to her messages. I had started to tell her I would call her back in five minutes after I finished my lunch when she interrupted me to say she was going to the hospital. My first thought was that Wayne, her gentleman friend, who several months ago, had had an extensive cancerous growth (neck to ear) removed, had a problem. She had been complaining that he wasn't eating much and seemed to have no zip. I know her complaints masked worry over him, so I prepared myself to hear her tell me that somehow he had had something serious occur. Well, it wasn't him, it was her-seems that she had had some tightness in her chest and shortness of breath while driving to do her Salvation Army Christmas bellringing stint. She ignored it, but apparently it persisted, even though  she did her bit and came home. In spite of doing the nitro tablet under the tongue, she still felt puny, so she called Wayne and then the doctor. THEN the truth comes out-she had had an episode while driving the 300 miles up here for Thanksgiving-took a nitro tablet and it subsided. 3 days later, WHILE SHE IS HERE, she has another episode and that subsided. Somehow she neglected to say anything about these to anybody until she saw the jig was up. The doctor said she had better go to the hospital. Wayne wanted to drive her but the doctor didn't think that was a good idea and that the ambulance would be a smarter way to make the 45 minute drive. So she is calling me to tell me she's off to the hospital and not to worry. I really hate it when people say that, especially someone you love. She said she'd be in touch.

  Last night was pretty strange-knowing something is wrong but not to what extent, so I was somewhat distracted. Wayne called this morning to say that they were going to do a cathaterization to see what was going on. She had a heart attack three years ago and spent two weeks in the hospital then. What I didn't know, and what I found out this morning was that at that time they had found four blockages-two of them rather more serious-40 and 60 percent shutdown. They had cathaterized her then and it seemed to take care of it.

 Now, we wait and see. She should be back in her room and I am going to give her a call. I want to fuss at her for not telling me she had had problems, I want to tell her that you don't get a medal for being a stubborn New England Yankee. I want to tell her I love her.

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