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Just thought I'd check in here and realised that I hadn't written anything for a couple of months ! So, sorry, but I have been a tad busy and there shows no signs of this letting up anytime soon.

So we (the girls and I) went back to the UK for a flying visit  and it opened my eyes a bit. All the bad stuff we'd left behind just didn't seem to exist anymore. Other than petrol everything was cheaper especially food and clothes and the quality was so much better too. We stocked up on food and clothes and ended up bringing back three times more than what we took. Luckily Emirates had upped their baggage allowance to 30kg or we'd have been stuck ! There was no real traffic and the sun shone too so it was lovely. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances, we didn't manage to catch up with many friends but the girls want to go back again in a few years and, hopefully, next time we'll be able to take Paul. It was nice to see all the family again though and I do feel bad about the girls missing out on a relationship with the family but they slotted back in like they'd never been away and I'm sure Emma and Amanda welcomed the rest when we left !

It did make me more unsettled when I got back but the 'shall we move' thoughts I had were firmly put out of the way by Paul.Not that I want to move out of Oz but I do want to move states as WA irritates me in so many ways. However, the girls are in good schools and Paul is set up for work so no move is on the horizon ... yet !!!

Since then we've got the new car, a Honda CRV, it's bigger and less fuel economical than I'd like but you do need a car like that with all the travelling I do. So far I have done 500kms in three days so cruise control is a must to save your legs, tiredness, and all those speeding fines ! The girls have been on school hols and I think we must have been up to Perth every day for over a week but all the calls to live closer to Perth have fallen on deaf ears too so looks like it's Mandurah for a while.

We've also decided on the high school for Nakita. She gets an automatic place at Freddies but my gut told me it wasn't the right school for her. When we got back from the UK she had an interview at the Baptist College and was offered a place there and then so we have taken that. It is also a private school but seems more relaxed and friendly in some ways and they are very strict on bullying with two expulsions so far this year (just over 5 months) so I think Nakita will be happier there and, sad to say, think she'll do better without Tallulah around !! Paul did need winning around as we'd be losing the 20% discount we'd have got at Freddies but I do think that high school is more important than a discount !

Things have got colder now and the fire has been lit more. Today is beautiful and sunny outside but it is cold out of the sun, in fact I think I'll get the fire lit now as my fingers are freezing.

Am bound to have forgotten some things that have happened. I am always busy so there must be more ! If I remember I'll add them in at a later date.



01:16 - Sun 12 July 2009

welcome 'home'

Hi H,

So how did you find things in the UK? I'm going home alone in 8 weeks. Looking forward to the shopping and the food - just hope it doesn't make me too unsettled when I return!!

WA is like pushing shit uphill with your nose sometimes!!

Jules xx

julesandco - 12:38 - Sun 12 July 2009

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