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So today was the first day I was allowed to vote in Oz. Actually it is compulsory here so you get fined if you don't. Paul hasn't yet as he's working and he only has less than an hour and a half left !! Would be typical if he misses it and we have to pay a flipping fine !

The vote was on daylight saving and, to be honest, the debate in the run up has been hilarious. Some people, for some reason, think that there will be less/more hours of sunshine ! Apparently if we have daylight saving the cows will become confused, the curtains will fade etc etc, daft.  Still, it is funny to see the Ozzies so hot under the collar about it, most other issues most couldn't care less about.

So I have voted for daylight savings, having sunshine before 7am is unnatural and wakes me up and I do like having some daylight at the end of a day to go to the beach. Would really hate being woken at 6am and then it getting dark as soon as Paul is home from work, not good for our family life !

Oh well, will find out soon enough if all my curtains are going to fade .................


04:42 - Sat 16 May 2009

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