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winter's a'coming !!!

Well it is only early autumn and most days are still quite warm and some still hot, however, we have noticed that the night times are a tad cooler these days so thought we'd go and collect the firewood ready for the winter. Last year Paul fitted a wood burner but we ran out of the wood a friend had given us after a few weeks and, at $7 a bag (a bag lasted a day), we couldn't afford to buy much so it was rarely used and we froze  !!!

This year we decided to do some research and found that you could buy a licence from the info centre and then go and collect your own ! So last week Paul bought the 30 day licence for $7 and yesterday Nakita, Paul and I (yes, you guessed, Tallulah managed to get out of it !!) trudged off to collect the wood. We had a fab day, it was hard work and we learnt a lot (like next time take a better axe, Paul broke his straight away, a bigger chainsaw, a wheelbarrow and another bloke !) but it was a beautiful setting, so quiet and peaceful (save for the chainsaws!) and is definitely a good day out for the family. We treated ourselves with coffee and cake in Dwellingup on our way back through and watched all the other trailer loads of firewood pass by ! Now Paul just needs to cut the rest up, stack and store it and then we can go back for another tonne  !! This year, we're going to be ready for winter.

11:53 - Sun 5 April 2009

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