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This week Tallulah had her school camp with a difference. She trotted off to school as per usual on Friday morning but, instead of coming home, she stayed at school and disco-ed the night away. They all then slept in the classrooms before getting woken early at 6.30am for breakfast and then spending the morning at the beach ! I picked her up at lunchtime and it was obvious from the start she was tired ! Still, she had a great time so it was all good and cheap as school camps go !

We arrived home and an hour later left again for Margaret River, Tallulah slept all the way down in the car and Nakita watched a dvd so it was a quiet drive ! Paul's ute is dead at the minute and will be for 6 to 8 weeks so it was my little car making the long journey with me driving ! Luckily we made it there and back without incident. We managed to get a cheap night at Margarets Beach Resort (don't you just love www.wotif.com.au ?? ) and after checking in we tried to find Gas Bay. It was with some difficulty as neither TomTom or whereis could find the place but we just followed the surfers all hitting the surf after work. Then there was tea at the bar and we watched the bushfire over at Prevelly, apparently a possum had climbed onto a power line, electrocuted itself and, as it fell sparking, started the fire. Before the Vic fires a bushfire wouldn't have worried me as the firies are awesome but now every smell of burning and every red sun panics me ! Luckily by morning it was gone, yay !!

Sunday we headed to Gas Bay and the surfing competition. Paul is just learning to surf so he was in awe at the talents of the guys and girls ! There was even an over 40's section so he couldn't blame their youth ! We spent the morning there before heading up to Bunker Bay near Dunsborough and, after having dreamt of owning a holiday pad there, headed home and back to reality. Oh for a caravan so we can get away more frequently and cheaply. There are still so many places I want to visit !!!

07:37 - Mon 16 February 2009

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