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Schools back !!!!

The schools are finally back now after the long summer hols. Tallulah is now in high school. She very happily trotted off, no sign of nervousness at all, all smart in her uniform. She has mainly stuck with her old school friends for the time being but I suspect that will all change soon enough. So far she is enjoying herself but then the homework hasn't really kicked in as yet !!

Good news on the dental front. Tallulah was due to have surgery to remove the tooth stuck in her gum but the dentist still wasn't happy about doing so as it would cause trauma to her so he took another x ray to check it out. Turns out the tooth root is sustainable and the tooth has started to right itself and so he thinks that the tooth should be saved and capped (it's really pointy) as opposed to ripped out and substitued with an implant. Not only is that good news as Tallulah hates pain (don't we all ?!) but it will save us a fortune too. Yay !!




01:45 - Sun 8 February 2009

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